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Seek the Challenging Position of Senior Radiologic Technician

A highly talented Radiologic Technician with huge experience in producing clinical diagnostic radiographic films, performing routine diagnostic imaging procedures according to departmental protocol, policy and procedures and established standards of practice.

Summary of Qualifications
  • More than eight years experience as Radiologic Technician.
  • Uncommon ability to operate diagnostic radiology equipment under the direction of radiologists or other medical officers to produce radiographic studies used in medical diagnosis and treatment.
  • Great knowledge of relevant regulations and policies, and ability to accurately interpret and apply these to work performance.
  • Excellent knowledge of radiation physics and dosimetry, chemistry and use of hazardous substances.
  • Deep knowledge of test methods and instrument use.
  • Remarkable knowledge of laboratory policies and procedures.
  • Uncommon knowledge of anatomy and physiology, radiological positioning, radiology protocol and standing orders, CDC protocols, radiation safety procedures.
  • Deep knowledge of preventative maintenance and troubleshooting for radiographic equipment.
  • Strong ability to use sensitometry and densitometry equipment.
  • Excellent ability to keep accurate and precise records related to services.
  • Profound ability to assess the quality of and verify the results of testing prior to reporting results.
  • Sound ability to communicate effectively with public health staff, patients and other members of the public.
  • In-depth knowledge of routine medical office procedures and administration related to the operation of clinics.
  • Remarkable skills in the use and maintenance of radiographic equipment.
  • Profound skill in patient positioning for radiography and in producing high-quality images.
  • Unmatchable ability to effectively maintain records library and to purge records according to regulations.
Professional Experience

New York University, Tarrytown, NY             2003 - Present

Radiologic Technician
  • Perform radiographic techniques, position and operate conventional and special equipment for the purpose of performing mammographic examinations.
  • Perform administrative work and quality assurance to facilitate the scheduling of patients and the accuracy and completeness of records in the Diagnostic Imaging Division.
  • Receive patients and explain method of procedures.
  • Perform radiographic examinations using special low dose techniques, positions patients, select and set technical factors and adjust equipment parameters taking into consideration physical differences in patients and make exposures necessary for the requested procedure.
  • Assure that sterile supplies, local anesthetics, contract materials, catheters, and other required equipment are present and laid out.
  • Assess the sensitivity of the film processor.
  • Track and maintain records of preventive maintenance, equipment service calls, and quality control measures.
  • Maintain statistics concerning radiographic studies.
  • Coordinate work of other technicians when procedures require more than one person
  • Assist with on-the-job training of new employees and students, and provide input to supervisors regarding training performance.
St. Michael Private Clinic, Tarrytown, NY            1997 - 2003

Radiologic Technician Intern (under the supervision of a senior Radiologic Technician)
    Performed routine diagnostic imaging procedures according to departmental protocol, policy and procedures.
  • Established standards of practice, operated radiographic equipment, developed film, prepared room, equipment, supplies and medications.
  • Provided patient care services utilizing general and specialized imaging modalities under the direction of a physician but not requiring constant technical supervision.
  • Provided radiology services to patients of all ages.
  • Applied ionizing radiation in the performance of a variety of technical procedures for radiological diagnosis.
  • Responsible for patient care safety.
  • Assisted physicians in the performance of procedures and the administration of contrast media.
  • Assumed responsibility for designated procedures and equipment.
  • Participated in orientation of Radiology Department staff.
  • Worked cooperatively with members of the health care team to maintain standards for professional Radiological Technologist practice in the clinical setting.

Education and Professional Training

CRT/Flouro license, ARRT certification, BLS certification

New York University, NY
Associate Degree in Radiology (1996)

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