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Seek the Challenging Position of Product Promoter

A highly talented Product Promoter with huge experience in inducing retail stores to sell particular products and market them effectively; creating public interest in buying products by demonstrating items to prospective customers and answering their questions; transporting, assembling and disassembling materials, preparing presentation content, and helping to design exhibits.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than five years experience.
  • Extensive knowledge of principles and methods for showing,    promoting, and selling products and services. This includes    marketing strategy and tactics, product demonstration, sales    techniques, and sales control systems.
  • Remarkable ability to listen to and understand information and    ideas presented through spoken words and sentences.
  • Deep knowledge and use of the English language including the    meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and    grammar.
  • Great ability persuading others to change their minds or    behavior.
  • Uncommon ability talking to others to convey information    effectively.
  • Excellent ability to speak clearly so others can understand    you.
  • Profound ability to promote products, provide good service,    have pleasant, patient and friendly attitude and hard working.
  • Uncommon passion interacting with a variety of people.
  • Great pleasant appearance and personality and highly    comfortable with public speaking.
  • Proficient in Spanish and French languages.
  • Exceptional ability to stay focused on goals, self-disciplined    and to maintain a positive attitude while handling rejection.
  • Great ability to entertain an audience and use humor,    spontaneity, and personal interest in the product as    promotional tools.

    Professional Experience

    Tom Electrical Inc., Tarrytown, NY             2000 - Present

    Product Promoter
    • Visit homes, community organizations, stores, and schools to demonstrate Tom Electrical products and services.
    • Attend trade, traveling, promotional, educational, and amusement exhibit to answer visitors' questions and to protect exhibit against theft or damage.
    • Set up and arrange display to attract attention of prospective customers.
    • Suggest product improvements to management and product to purchase to customers.
    • Give product samples or token gifts to customers, and distribute handbills, brochures, and gift certificates to passers-by.
    • Answer telephone and written requests from customers for information about product use and write articles and pamphlets on product.
    • Lecture and show slides to users of Tom Electrical products.
    • Advise customers on homemaking problems related to products or services offered by Tom Electrical.
    • Wear costume or sign boards and walk in public to attract attention to advertise Tom Electrical merchandise, services, or beliefs.
    • Contact businesses and civic establishments and arrange to exhibit and sell Tom Electrical merchandise.
    • Instruct customers in alteration of products.
    • Develop list of prospective clients from sources, such as newspaper items, company records, local merchants, and customers.
    • Solicit new organization membership.
    • Train demonstrators to present Tom Electrical's products and services.
    • Conduct guided tours of plant where Tom Electrical products are made.
    • Prepare reports of services rendered and visits made.
    • Drive truck and trailer to transport exhibit.


    High School Diploma (2000)

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