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123 Main Street Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Home: (555) 555-1234, Cell: (555) 555-1235

Seek the challenging and exciting position of Precious Stone and Metal Worker with a firm where great skills and experience are needed to effectively work on precious stones and metals

An exceptionally gifted Precious Stone and Metal Worker with huge background in designing, fabricating, adjusting, repairing, and appraising jewelry, gold, silver and other precious metals, or gems, including diamond polishing, gem cutting and performing precision casting and modeling of molds, casting metal in molds, or setting precious and semi-precious stones for jewelry and related products.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than five years experience.
  • Profound knowledge, designs, repair, maintenance and uses of    machines and tools.
  • Excellent ability to determine the right tools and equipment    necessary to perform a job.
  • Sound ability to analyze needs and product requirements to    create a design.
  • Profound ability to generate and adapt equipment and    technology to serve user needs.
  • Excellent skills and ability in applying basic mathematics such    as arithmetic and ratios; and algebra in designs.
  • Strong ability to apply metal forming or shaping techniques and    processes.
  • Remarkable ability to apply quality assurance techniques.
  • Profound ability to engrave jewelry and related products.
  • In-depth ability to perceive color, balance and proportion.
  • Sound ability to organize commercial artistic and design    projects.
  • Exceptional ability to operate specialized metal shaping    machines.
  • Immense ability to follow written instructions and maintain    consistent quality.
  • Uncommon ability to smooth, sharpen, polish or grind metal    objects.

    Professional Experience

    SamJohn Gallery Inc, Tarrytown, NY               2000 - Present

    Precious Stone and Metal Worker
    • Cut and shape metal into jewelry pieces, using cutting and carving tools.
    • Arrange jewelry pieces into specified design, soften metal by heating with gas torch, and shape, using hammer and die.
    • Solder pieces of jewelry together and enlarge or reduce size of rings, using soldering torch or iron.
    • Repair, reshape, and restyle jewelry by replacing broken parts or using hand tools and machines.
    • Tie or twist gold or silver wires together, and bend to form rings.
    • Smooth soldered joints and rough spots, using hand file and emery paper, and polish with polishing wheel or buffing wire.
    • Immerse jewelry in cleaning solution or acid to remove stains, or in solution of gold or other metal to color jewelry.
    • Form model of article from wax or metal, using carving tools.
    • Place model in casting ring, and pour plaster into ring to form mold.
    • Form sand or rubber mold from model for casting article.
    • Pour molten metal into mold, or operate centrifugal casting machine, to cast article.
    • Examine gemstone surfaces and internal structure to evaluate genuineness, quality, and value, using polariscope, refractometer, and other optical instruments.
    • Immerse gemstones in chemical solutions to determine specific gravity and key properties for identification and appraisal.
    • Grade stones for color, perfection, and quality of cut.
    • Estimate wholesale and retail value of gemstones, following price guides and market fluctuations.


    High School Diploma (2000)

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