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Objective:     Seek the Position of Senior Clinical Pharmacist


Expert Clinical Pharmacist with over twelve years experience providing consultative services to medical, nursing and pharmacy staff; documenting clinical activities and outcomes; compounding medications and providing prescribed medications according to professional standards and practices.

  • Strong ability to interpret drug orders and transcribe to computerized patient medication profiles accurately.
  • Excellent ability to monitor drug therapy regimens for appropriateness.
  • Proficiency in compounding and dispensing pharmaceuticals including sterile products, chemotherapy and parenteral nutrition products accurately.
  • Sound ability to issue control substances and maintain lawful records.
  • Highly developed problem-solving skills.
  • Remarkable ability to follow through on tasks assigned.
  • Great clinical assessment skills.
  • Strong knowledge of the meaning, spelling, and use of the English language.
  • Sound knowledge of teaching and the methods involved in learning and instruction.
  • Excellent computer/data entry skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Sound ability to manage the time of self and others.
  • Excellent use of scientific methods to solve problems.
  • Demonstrated uncommon patient and compassion for patients.

    Professional Experience

    Tom Primary Care Trust, Minneapolis, MN       2002 - Present

    • Provide specialized pharmaceutical services to improve drug usage and therapeutic outcomes including, but not limited to, advising physicians on issues concerning drug therapy, the inherent toxicity of drugs and their side effects, as well as assisting in the prescription of appropriate doses.
    • Coordinate the activities of assigned pharmacy technicians engaged in the preparation, labeling and delivery of medications and other pharmaceutical supplies in accordance with physicians' prescriptions; ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations pertaining to the dispensing of drugs and controlled drugs and the maintenance of required records.
    • Maintain liaison relationships with medical and nursing staff; provide timely information pertaining to pharmaceutical supplies, drug usage and compatibility, state and federal regulations regarding drug controls, and Joint Commission Standards.
    • Conduct and evaluate medication histories, assess compliance and suggest modifications so as to achieve desired outcomes; instruct patients in the proper use of prescribed drugs and make Patient Care Rounds with physicians to evaluate patient progress.
    • Individualize medication regimens using sound principles, accounting for pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic variations in drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination with responsibility for establishing and continually improving the delivery of Pharmaceutical Care to patients within areas of direct responsibility and assisting others in the department with the same.
    John Dale Hospital, Minneapolis, MN               1996 - 2002

    Clinical Coordinator
    • Determined and evaluated opportunities to expand clinical pharmacy activities within the hospital, as well as to the local community.
    • Managed clinical pharmacy programs and supervised the clinical activities of pharmacists and technicians throughout the hospital.
    • Monitored and evaluated the outcome of all clinical interventions by pharmacy Associates from clinical and financial perspectives.
    • Coordinated staff development (pharmacists and technicians) in clinical pharmacy education.
    • Taught and guided pharmacy students during rotations at the hospital.
    • Monitored developments in new medication therapies and proactively assessed potential financial impact of new medications to the institution.
    • Coordinated activity for the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.
    • Reviewed all new requests for medications to be added to the formulary and makes recommendations to the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee to add or to deny the medication for formulary inclusion.
    John Dale Hospital, Minneapolis, MN               1993 - 1996

    Pharmacist Intern

    Under the supervision of senior Pharmacist:
    • Prepared and dispensed drug orders per physician request according to established policies, procedures and protocols.
    • Ensured safe, appropriate, cost effective drug therapies for patients according to established policies, procedures and protocols.
    • Promoted and supported all Team John standards of quality customer service.
    • Promoted continuous quality improvement in operations and in job performance.
    Education and Professional Training

    Minneapolis Certified Pharmacist

    MS Pharmacy, New York University, NY (1995)
    BS Pharmacy, New York University, NY (1992)

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