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Objective:   Seek the Position of Petroleum

SUMMARY:   Profoundly talented and skillful Petroleum Technician with over six years experience in measuring and recording physical and geological conditions in oil or gas wells, and determining petroleum and mineral content; collecting information about oil and gas well drilling operations, geological and geophysical prospecting, and land or lease contracts.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Great knowledge of methods of prevention and control of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Exceptional knowledge of petroleum field equipment and machinery.
  • Profound knowledge of drilling machine operations.
  • Deep knowledge of excavation and earthwork procedures.
  • Strong knowledge of groundwater table levels.
  • Uncommon knowledge of pollution investigation methods.
  • Solid knowledge of basic mathematics.
  • Exceptional ability to use a variety of testing equipment, surveying instruments and equipment such as the odolite, level, stadia rod, etc.
  • In-depth ability to use calculators, compasses and meters.
  • Sound ability to inspect and monitor well operations.
  • Great ability to write technical reports, investigate and collect geological and technical data.
  • Immense ability to conduct hydrogen sulfide safety classes, use surveying equipment, petroleum field equipment and machinery.
  • Solid ability to read and interpret topographic maps, aerial photos, and compasses.
  • In-depth ability to make chloride tests, differentiate between clean and contaminated material.
  • Proven ability to lift heavy loads weighing up to 90 pounds, and to work under extreme hot and cold weather conditions.
  • Remarkable ability to communicate effectively, and maintain favorable public relations.
  • Strong organizational and leadership skills to compliment a multi-tasking environment supporting engineers and geologists.
  • Uncommon computer skills with the ability to use various software applications such as Petra, Aries Windows, Access and Excel.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Professional Experience

Wapic Petroleum Inc., Minneapolis, MN
2002 - Present

Petroleum Technician
  • Inspect and monitor producing oil, gas and mineral wells for compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Inspect new wells or facilities that are reported to contain hydrogen sulfide.
  • Investigate hydrogen sulfide odor complaints.
  • Participate in the installation of monitor wells to detect groundwater contamination.
  • Witness encapsulation of drilling reserve pits to ensure proper procedures are being followed to minimize loss of contents into the soil and groundwater.
  • Maintain permanent records and maps on each well and treatment and storage facility in order to gauge hydrogen sulfide levels.
  • Witness and implement testing programs on wells in order to determine that testing equipment meets requirements.
  • Oversee field plugging operations and give advice on alternate procedures, methods and materials to use when well plugging problems occur.
  • Conduct geologic and geophysical studies and field surveys and set up survey grids.
  • Operate various geophysical instruments such as seismographs, magnetometers, electrical receptivity instruments, etc.
  • Field inspect brine injection and production facilities for compliance with applicable requirements.
  • Sample soil and water in cases of suspected oil and brine contamination.
  • Decontaminate equipment by using steam, soap, water and solvents for the prevention of cross-contamination while installing monitor wells.
  • Prepare mining plans for the extraction of rock, sand and gravel.
  • Conduct hydrogen sulfide safety classes for division employees, industry personnel, and the general public pertaining to drilling, rework, plugging and the production of oil, gas and mineral wells.
  • Act to correct conditions that threaten public safety in the event of a hydrogen sulfide emergency by following established procedures and policies.
  • Investigate and collect geological and technical data for compliance and enforcement activity for the purpose of hearings and court testimony.

Wapic Petroleum Inc., Minneapolis, MN
2000 - 2002

Petroleum Technician Trainee
  • Researched and compiled oil and gas data.
  • Plotted production; worked with logs; and provided production maps.
  • Assisted with cross sections, digitized, calibrated log images, planimetered and spreadsheeted.
  • Assisted scientists in the use of electrical, sonic, and nuclear measuring instruments in both laboratory and production activities to obtain data indicating potential sources of metallic ore, gas, or petroleum.
  • Analyzed mud and drill cuttings; chart pressure, temperature, and other characteristics of wells or bore holes.
  • Investigated and collected information leading to the possible discovery of new oil fields.
  • Adjusted and repaired testing, electrical, and mechanical equipment and devices.
  • Assembled, operated, and maintained field and laboratory testing, measuring, and mechanical equipment, working as part of a crew when required.Assess the environmental impacts of development projects on subsurface materials.
  • Collaborated with hydro-geologists in order to evaluate groundwater and well circulation.
  • Collected and prepared solid and fluid samples for analysis.
  • Compiled and recorded testing and operational data for review and further analysis.
  • Inspected engines for wear and defective parts, using equipment and measuring devices.
  • Participated in geological, geophysical, geochemical, hydrographic and oceanographic surveys, prospecting field trips, exploratory drilling, well logging or underground mine survey programs.


Associate Degree in Petroleum Engineering
University of New York (2000)

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