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123 Main Street Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Home: (555) 555-1234, Cell: (555) 555-1235

Seek the challenging and exciting position of Motor Vehicle Operator with a firm which needs top class, efficient and effective operator

An extremely gifted Motor Vehicle Operator with huge background in operating gasoline, diesel, or alternative fuel powered wheeled vehicles to haul cargo, fuel, supplies, construction materials, transport passengers, or to tow and recover vehicles.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than five years experience.
  • Profound ability to Perform pre-trip, trip and after trip inspections as defined in the CDL regulations.
  • Exceptional ability to perform routine preventive maintenance (Engine and Hydraulic oil & filter changes, belt & hose replacements, tire/wheel removal, mounting and replacement etc).
  • Remarkable familiarity with basic principals of gas/diesel engines, hydraulic systems, pump systems etc. and knowledge of all components on attachments.
  • Sound ability to recognize and trouble shoot mechanical problems with vehicle and all attachments.
  • In-depth ability to communicate observations to designated staff.
  • Uncommon ability to Operate Motor Vehicles and Attachments.
  • Exceptional skills to manipulate controls for starting, stopping, backing, and driving vehicle in all types of traffic, road and weather conditions either in park settings, urban areas or congested cities.
  • Immense knowledge of the height, width, length and weight of vehicles, attachments and any towed equipment to judge overhead and side clearances, turning radius, braking distance.
  • Deep knowledge and skill to adjust driving method to traffic, road, weather, load and various terrain conditions.
  • Profound ability to maneuver vehicles over uneven terrain, over improved and unimproved roads, through congested areas/confined spaces exercising caution and extreme caution when backing to load, unload at docks, ramps and construction sites.
  • Sound ability to use multi-speed main and auxiliary transmissions, multi-speed rear axles and automatic transmissions, retarders and engine braking devices to operate vehicles in the performance of duties.
  • Exceptional ability to use power takeoff devices to transfer engine power to special purpose accessory equipment.
  • Uncommon ability to meet time schedules and deadlines and complete tasks without jeopardizing safety or integrity of work.

Professional Experience

Metro Transport Inc., Tarrytown, NY           2000 - Present

Motor Vehicle Operator
  • Operate a paratransit transportation vehicle in strict accordance with time schedules and route assignments, without deviation, unless otherwise instructed by VVC or paratransit.
  • Provide safe, courteous, and efficient door-to-door transportation to passengers to include transporting, assisting, and escorting exceptional needs passengers to and/or from their homes and a variety of other designated locations.
  • Assist passengers on and off vehicles ensuring that seat belts and/or wheelchair lap belts are properly secured.
  • Operate wheelchair lift device when necessary to board and de-board passengers; ensure that wheelchair brakes are locked while lift is in motion, position wheelchairs in vehicle and secure them to the vehicle.
  • Maintain order and proper discipline of passengers while on scheduled routes, attempt to resolve disputes, document and report severe incident/disciplinary cases.
  • Ensure the safety of passengers with severe physical, mental, or developmental problems while in vehicle by receiving written or oral instructions, being aware and alert to any signs of difficulty, following prescribed instructions and procedures as required, handling behavioral outbursts, calling for emergency assistance, etc.
  • Receive daily driving assignments and schedules; modify routes as directed by dispatch based on passenger cancellations, transfers, no-shows, or other changes caused by changing service needs.
  • Notify dispatcher regarding no shows or availability for additional assignments whenever extra time exists on the schedule.
  • Conduct daily vehicle safety and maintenance inspection of assigned vehicle prior to beginning route; immediately report all defects needing repair.
  • Collect fares from passengers and maintain appropriate records or logs as required.
  • Complete and maintain a variety of records, logs, and reports including but not limited to: arrival and departure times for each pick-up and drop-off; identifying passenger cancellations and no-shows; fare collection; vehicle inspections; mileage logs, time sheets, recording lunch times and breaks, etc.
  • Prepare reports of driving hazards, accident, and/or passenger incidents. Report vehicle accidents or passenger emergencies accurately and timely and follow established procedures during these situations.
  • Adhere to check-in and check-out times as scheduled.
  • Evacuate vehicle in a safe and timely manner when necessary.
  • Attend all meetings, programs, and in-service training as assigned.
  • Maintain current required licenses and certifications.
  • Assist with other routes when breakdowns or other unusual circumstances occur as assigned.
  • Participate in cross training activities and operations in conjunction with Paratransit's cross-training philosophy.
  • Perform related duties as required.

Education and Professional Training

Possession of a Valid New York Drivers License, Class C
Possession of Defensive Driving Certificate

High School Diploma (2000)

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