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Home: (555) 555-1234, Cell: (555) 555-1235

Objective:   Seek the Position of Meeting and Convention Planner

SUMMARY:   Exceptionally gifted, creative and resourceful Meeting and Convention Planner with huge background in coordinating activities of staff and convention personnel to make arrangements for group meetings and conventions.

Summary of Qualifications
  • More than eight years experience.
  • Remarkable familiarity with the Internet to make air and hotel arrangements and research sites and availability for events.
  • Thorough knowledgeable about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) so as to ensure everyone has adequate access to, and seating for, the event.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills, as well as proficiency in a variety of computer programs including desktop publishing and spreadsheets.
  • Exceptional ability to closely estimate how many people will attend a meeting, based on previous meeting attendance and current circumstances.
  • Immense ability to measure how well a meeting's purpose was achieved by initially outlining the meeting's goals, choosing objectives for which success is measurable and defining what will constitute achievement of each goal.
  • In-depth ability to understand organization's goals for the meeting or convention, communicate their needs clearly to meeting site staff and other suppliers, maintain contact with many different people, and inform people about changes as they occur.

Professional Experience

Department of Public Health, Minneapolis, MN
2002 - Present

Meeting and Convention Planner
  • Obtain permits from fire and health departments to erect displays and exhibits and serve food at events.
  • Promote conference, convention and trades show services by performing tasks such as meeting with professional and trade associations, and producing brochures and other publications.
  • Develop event topics and choose featured speakers.
  • Consult with customers in order to determine objectives and requirements for events such as meetings, conferences, and conventions.
  • Monitor event activities in order to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and laws, satisfaction of participants, and resolution of any problems that arise.
  • Confer with staff at a chosen event site in order to coordinate details.
  • Review event bills for accuracy, and approve payment.
  • Plan and develop programs, agendas, budgets, and services according to customer requirements.
  • Coordinate services for events, such as accommodation and transportation for participants, facilities, catering, signage, displays, special needs requirements, printing and event security.
  • Arrange the availability of audio-visual equipment, transportation, displays, and other event needs.
  • Inspect event facilities in order to ensure that they conform to customer requirements.
  • Maintain records of event aspects, including financial details.
  • Conduct post-event evaluations in order to determine how future events could be improved.
  • Negotiate contracts with such service providers and suppliers as hotels, convention centers, and speakers.
  • Meet with sponsors and organizing committees in order to plan scope and format of events, to establish and monitor budgets, and to review administrative procedures and event progress.
  • Direct administrative details such as financial operations, dissemination of promotional materials, and responses to inquiries.
  • Evaluate and select providers of services according to customer requirements.
  • Read trade publications, attend seminars, and consult with other meeting professionals in order to keep abreast of meeting management standards and trends.
  • Organize registration of event participants.
  • Design and implement efforts to publicize events and promote sponsorships.
  • Hire, train, and supervise volunteers and support staff required for events.

Department of Public Health, Minneapolis, MN
2000 - 2002

Meeting and Convention Planner Assistant
  • Determined the purpose, message, or impression that the sponsoring organization wants to communicate by surveying prospective attendees to find out what motivates them and how they learn best.
  • Assisted the meeting Planner in choosing speakers, entertainment, and content; and arranged the program to present the organization's information in the most effective way.
  • Searched for prospective meeting sites.
  • Issued requests for proposals-documents that state the meeting dates and needs for the meeting or convention, including meeting and exhibit space, lodging, food and beverages, telecommunications, audio-visual requirements, transportation, and any other necessities.
  • Arranged support services, coordinated needs with the facility, prepared the site staff for the meeting, and set up all forms of electronic communication needed for the meeting or convention, such as e-mail, voice mail, video, and online communication.
  • Registered attendees and issued name badges, coordinated lodging reservations, and arranged transportation.
  • Made sure all necessary supplies are ordered and transported to the meeting site on time, that meeting rooms were equipped with sufficient seating and audio-visual equipment, that all exhibits and booths were set up properly, and that all materials were printed.
  • Made sure that the meeting adhered to fire and labor regulations and oversaw food and beverage distribution.

Department of Public Health, Minneapolis, MN
1998 - 2000

Audio-Visual Technician
  • Set up equipment in line with job instructions given by meeting and convention planners, and exhibition designers.
  • Operated equipment and controls during rehearsals, live shows, conferences and exhibitions.
  • Provided first-line support, including on-the-spot fault finding and fixing.
  • Provided back-up services where problems cannot be fixed straight away.
  • Carried out scheduled maintenance checks, which included portable appliance testing (PAT), and wrote technical reports based on maintenance test results.
  • Managed equipment booking and tracking systems.
  • Trained new equipment users.
  • Wrote training notes and organized follow-up workshops when equipment was upgraded.
  • Produced marketing publicity and teaching materials.
  • Carried out equipment audits as part of facilities development and upgrade plans.
  • Sourced and recommended purchases, and negotiated prices with equipment suppliers.

Education and Professional Training

Certified Meeting Manager (CMM) Certificate

Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering
University of New York (1998)

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