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Objective:   Seek the Position of Marine Oiler

SUMMARY:   Profoundly talented and resourceful Marine Oiler with more than six years experience in watching and performing a variety of tasks to preserve the painted surface of the ship and to maintain lines and ship equipment, such as running and cargo-handling gear; oiling and greasing moving parts of engines and auxiliary equipment.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Remarkable ability to select the right tools and equipment to get job done.
  • Exceptional ability to monitor and assess self performance and that of others and make improvements or take corrective action.
  • Great ability to watch, read, and interpret gauges, dials, and other indicators to ensure proper operation of machines and systems.
  • In-depth ability to detect fault in machines and perform minor maintenance, as well as know when to invite expert mechanics.
  • Complete knowledge of the principles, methods, relative cost and benefits of sea transportation.
  • Profound knowledge of machines and tools.
  • Exceptional ability to work peacefully and efficiently in a team for long periods.
  • Excellent ability to communicate both in writing and by speaking.
  • Uncommon ability to use hand, arm and fingers to grasp and manipulate objects.

Professional Experience

Galaxy Shipping Line Inc., Minneapolis, MN
2002 - Present

Ordinary Seaman Marine Oiler
  • Chip and clean rust spots on deck, superstructure, and sides of ship, using wire brush and hand or air chipping machine.
  • Paint and varnish decks, superstructures, lifeboats, and sides of ship.
  • Lubricate machinery, equipment, and engine parts, such as gears, shafts, and bearings.
  • Sweep and wash deck, using broom, mops, brushes, and hose.
  • Splice and repair cables and ropes, using marlinespike, wirecutters, twine, and hand tools.
  • Handle lines to moor vessel to wharf, tie up vessel to another vessel, or rig towing lines.
  • Stand watch from bow of ship or wing of bridge to look for obstructions in path of ship.
  • Examine machinery for specified pressure and flow of lubricants.
  • Load or unload materials from vessel.
  • Read pressure and temperature gauges or displays, and record data in engineering log.
  • Lower and man lifeboat in case of emergency.
  • Assist engineer in overhauling and adjusting machinery.
  • Record data in ship's log such as weather conditions and distance traveled.
  • Turn wheel while observing compass to maintain ship on course.

Galaxy Shipping Line Inc., Minneapolis, MN
2000 - 2002

Marine Oiler (under direct supervision)
  • Lubricated and assisted in the maintenance and operation of marine propulsion and auxiliary equipment.
  • Assisted in handling mooring lines during ducking and undocking operations of vessels.
  • Operated valves associated with loading sludge in the cargo tank aboard sludge vessels and perform related work.
  • Maintained lube oil storage.
  • Wiped, cleaned, and polished equipment as required.
  • Performed other duties as assigned.


Third Assistant Marine Engineer
The United State Coast Guard (2000)

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