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Objective:   Seek the Position of Locomotive Engineer

SUMMARY:   Exceptionally gifted, knowledgeable and resourceful Locomotive Engineer with over six years experience in performing a variety of tasks related to the operations of the steam and gas locomotives, speeder train, and several rail cars; maintaining and repairing rail related equipment; performing minor servicing and maintenance on service vehicles and facility equipment.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Strong knowledge of steam locomotive operations.
  • Exceptional knowledge of internal combustion locomotive    operations.
  • Profound knowledge and experience in the maintenance and    repair of air brake systems, hydraulic equipment.
  • Thorough knowledge and experience of the repair of boilers    and plumbing and pipe fitting as it relates to boilers.
  • Remarkable knowledge and experience in maintenance and    repair of a wide range of equipment; operating of the same.
  • Profound skill and ability to operate steam and gasoline    recreational railway on 2.4 km (1.5 miles) of narrow gauge (3    foot) track.
  • Uncommon ability and experience in the safe usage of    mechanical hand and electrical tools and equipment.
  • Uncommon ability to deal and communicate effectively both    orally and in writing and to deal courteously, tactfully and    diplomatically with other employees and the general public.
  • Huge ability to maintain rail and mechanical    equipment.
  • In-depth ability to design and fabricate parts for heritage    equipment.
  • Remarkable ability to repair and maintain small engines.
  • Deep knowledge and experience in heritage conservation    principles and practices.

    Professional Experience

    Randel Engineering Works Inc., Minneapolis, MN
    2002 - Present

    Locomotive Engineer
    • Operate Steam, Gas Locomotives and Speeder trains.
    • Perform maintenance and safety check prior to train and passenger car use.
    • Perform coupling and brake tests.
    • Adhere to safety standards.
    • Perform minor adjustments and servicing including oiling, greasing, fuelling prior to daily use.
    • Perform maintenance and repair to all equipment including steam, gas, speeder, passenger cars, flat car used for rail ties, dump cars and side dump-cars used for track upgrading and repair.
    • Perform maintenance and repair of operational artifacts and equipment, including gasoline, diesel, and steam equipment in the museum collection.
    • Participate in acquisition of vehicles and equipment.
    • Perform maintenance and repair of shop equipment and tools.
    • Prepare condition reports including time and material cost estimates, as required.
    • Participate in the regular maintenance and improvement of the existing track.
    • Participate in the regular inventory of tools and equipment; make recommendations for disposal and/or replacement
    • Responsible for the inventory, service records, maintenance, and service of non-rail operational equipment owned or on loan to the company.
    • Participate in the minor servicing or maintenance on service vehicles and equipment.
    • Fabricate part replacements for locomotives and passenger cars, rolling stock.
    • Participate in the fabricating of equipment such as, stands, signposts, orientation and tree signage, trail designation signs and the company's operating mill.
    • Make wooden patterns for required parts; machine to fit.
    • Provide comment and recommendations on short and long range planning activities for the company.
    • Participates on committees, task forces, or special projects as requested.
    • Perform other related duties.

    Randel Engineering Works Inc., Minneapolis, MN
    2000 - 2002

    Locomotive Engineer Trainee (under supervision)
    • Drove electric, diesel-electric, and gas-turbine-electric locomotive, interpreting train orders, train signals, and railroad rules and regulations, to transport passengers or freight.
    • Inspected locomotive before run to verify specified fuel, sand, water, and other supplies.
    • Synchronized watch with that of conductor, passenger car or conductor, road freight to ensure departure time from station or terminal was in accordance with time schedule.
    • Received starting signal from conductor, passenger car or conductor, road freight and moved controls, such as throttle and airbrakes to drive locomotive.
    • Interpreted train orders, train signals, and railroad rules and regulations to drive locomotive, following safety regulations and time schedule.
    • Called out train signals to firer, locomotive for verification of meaning to avoid errors in interpretation.
    • Conferred with conductor, road freight or traffic control center personnel via radiophone to issue or receive information or instructions concerning stops, delays, or oncoming trains.
    • Observed track to detect obstructions.
    • Inspected locomotive after run to detect damaged or defective equipment.
    • Prepared reports to explain accidents, unscheduled stops, or delays.
    • Lubricated moving parts of locomotive.
    • Drove diesel-electric rail-detector car to transport rail-flaw-detecting machine over railroad.


    Current Steam Locomotive Engineer Certificate
    Current Internal Combustion Locomotive Engineer Certificate

    Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
    University of New York (2000)

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