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Objective:   Seek the Position of Liquor Store Manager

SUMMARY:   Top notch Liquor Store Manager with great background experience in managing all aspects of the operations of a large (8-12 hour) State Liquor Store with sales volume consistently more than 3,000 cases per month.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Exceptional knowledge of product lines and merchandise pricing techniques.
  • Complete knowledge of applicable laws, rules, regulations and/or policies and procedures.
  • Deep knowledge of payroll processes and procedures.
  • Uncommon knowledge of principles, theories, and practices of purchasing goods and services.
  • Remarkable knowledge of principles, theories, and practices of purchasing goods and services.
  • Strong ability to use basic/business math to solve problems.
  • Profound ability to stock shelves; organize and display materials.
  • Remarkable ability to supervise others by assigning/directing work; conducting employee evaluations, staff training and development, taking appropriate disciplinary/corrective actions, making hiring/termination recommendations, etc.
  • In-depth ability to operate point-of-sale terminal/cash registers.
  • Exceptional ability to deal with people in a manner which shows sensitivity, tact, and Professionalism.
  • Strong ability to speak clearly, concisely and effectively; listen to, and understand, information and ideas as presented verbally.
  • Profound ability to compile, code, categorize, calculate, tabulate, audit, verify, and process information or data.
  • Immense ability to process cash receipts and deposits.
  • Profound ability to evaluate information against a set of standards.
  • Excellent ability to maintain inventory; track receipt, send and deliver materials.
  • Uncommon ability to use basic/business math to solve problems.

Professional Experience

Randel Stores Inc., Minneapolis, MN
2002 - Present

Liquor Store Manager
  • Supervise subordinate personnel including: hiring, determining workload and delegating assignments, training, monitoring and evaluating performance, and initiating corrective or disciplinary actions.
  • Conduct regular and spot check inventories of merchandise, supplies, and equipment.
  • Ensure that there is an adequate supply of materials available.
  • Order, receive, inspect, and store equipment, merchandise, commodities, materials, and supplies.
  • Verify that cash intake matches sales and inventory activity.
  • Set up and close cash registers and prepare deposits.
  • Receive and fill liquor orders for clubs, restaurants, and hotels as required.
  • Display new items and existing stock.
  • Assist customers in finding products, making selections and purchasing items.
  • Resolve potential confrontational issues when dealing with intoxicated individuals, shoplifters, etc.
  • Perform other tasks as assigned.

Randel Store Inc., Minneapolis, MN
2000 - 2002

Assistant Liquor Store Manager
  • Led and functionally supervised staff; delegated work assignments, monitored/reviewed quality of work, scheduled staff, provided technical assistance or training, and provided input on performance appraisal, hiring and discipline.
  • Assisted in controlling proper inventory levels through ordering of stock, daily and spot inventory checks, assuring correct receiving and stocking of merchandise and placing correct codes on stock and in the register.
  • Performed cashier duties; and aided in preparing daily sales reports, deposit preparation, change orders, and register set up and close out.
  • Assisted the public in making product selections and deals appropriately with intoxicated individuals and those attempting to obtain liquor illegally.
  • Received and filled liquor orders for clubs, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Oversaw store janitorial maintenance.
  • Maintained employee leave and payroll records and ensured that proper payroll was received by the main office.

Randel Store Inc., Minneapolis, MN
1998 - 2000

Liquor Store Supervisor
  • Supervised the work of three sales clerks.
  • Responsible for strict control and maintenance of the sale of beverage alcohol, assuring that all laws and regulations were strictly enforced.
  • Responsible for accurate management of money received through the sales of store products
  • Provided services to customers with off-sale liquor and other merchandise.
  • Performed basic mathematical computations.
  • Ensured that shelves were restocked and coolers were filled with new merchandise.
  • Performed periodic inventory of stock on hand.
  • Checked out registers and balanced cash drawer.

Galaxy Liquor Stores Inc., Minneapolis, MN
1996 - 1998

Liquor Store Clerk
  • Provided efficient, courteous and knowledgeable service to the customers.
  • Made change and handled cash.
  • Assisted customers in selection of various brands of liquors, wines, etc.
  • Advised on quantity of purchases for special occasions, and helped customers with carry-outs.
  • Maintained the premises both inside and out in a neat clean condition at all times, including dusting, sweeping, mopping, washing windows, and rearranging merchandise.
  • Performed other related duties as assigned.


Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
University of New York (1996)

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