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Objective:   Seek the Position of Hydrologist

SUMMARY:   Highly knowledgeable and resourceful Hydrologist with over six years experience in using and managing water and water resources in commercial, environmental and academic settings; ensuring the effective flow of water through channels and pipes for the engineering and control of water provision; taking into account the utilization of water in a specific natural drainage area ('catchment'), focusing on surface water, including rivers, lakes and glaciers.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Complete understanding of basic constituents of water chemistry and their natural cycles in disturbed and undisturbed environments.
  • Great ability to use a personal computer, calculator, aerial photograph stereoscope, engineering scales, maps, and map templates.
  • Exceptional ability to evaluate and test the accuracy of technical reports, methods, and analyses.
  • Strong ability to interpret and evaluate legislation and administrative rules and regulations.
  • In-depth ability to use data management software.
  • Profound ability to communicate orally in the English language with City employees and various federal, state, and local governmental agencies in person or using a telephone.
  • Strong ability to produce written documents with clearly organized thoughts using proper English sentence construction, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Proven ability to work safely without presenting a direct threat to self or others.
  • Uncommon ability to retrieve, organize, and assemble electronic and written data into MS Access and Excel formats.
  • Exceptional ability to assess data through database queries according to project needs.
  • In-depth ability to summarize results of data assessment in a clear, concise manner through tables, plots, and written text.
  • Profound familiarity with Clean Water Act regulations with emphasis on TMDL requirements.
  • Thorough working knowledge of principles of watershed science including hydrology, water quality, and management practices that can be used to rehabilitate/restore degraded areas.

Professional Experience

State Department of Works, Minneapolis, MN
2002 - Present

Hydrologist II
  • Work with specifically designed computer modeling packages to assess the most effective methods of managing available water in a particular area.
  • Analyze the effect of environmental changes on water flow.
  • Assist in the planning of water resource development by forecasting and monitoring water usage and rainfall.
  • Estimate water yields, taking into account the utilization of water in a specific natural drainage area ('catchment').
  • Assess the relationship between rainfall, run off, and soil and rock features for the catchment.
  • Calculate and audit water resource systems and analyze this data.
  • Determine licenses for companies and bodies requesting to use river resources.
  • Implement relevant regulations.
  • Deal with enquiries from external bodies and individuals, such as water regulators, consultants and researchers; project managing consultancies in installing new river flow gauges.
  • Give presentations at conferences.
  • Liaise with specialists, consultants and clients.
  • Provide feedback on drought and water resource plans produced by water companies.
  • Oversee data collection on-site by hydrometrists and other staff.
  • Supervise the collection, processing and evaluation of data for water resource planning and flood management.
  • Apply hydrological and statistical techniques to water resource modeling and analysis.
  • Undertake hydrological modeling to allow flood forecasting and drought management strategy development.
  • Develop computer systems to improve the efficiency of data collection and analysis.
  • Investigate factors affecting acidity, nitrate levels and other diffuse pollution of surface water.
  • Study the effects of changes in land use on flows, for example afforestation or crop irrigation.
  • Plan responses to specific weather conditions, such as droughts and floods, and, in the event, assess the impact on water catchments and supplies.
  • Keep up to date with new research and techniques in all areas of hydrology.

State Department of Works, Minneapolis, MN
2000 - 2002

Hydrologist I
  • Examined the physical characteristics, distribution, and circulation of water above and below the earth's surface.
  • Studied rainfall and other precipitation, the paths precipitation takes through the soil and rocks underground, and its return to the oceans and air.
  • Assisted in water conservation.
  • Projected water shortages, analyzed the quality of potential water sources, and monitored the inflow and outflow of reservoirs.
  • Forecasted and helped to prepare regions for conditions such as flooding, snowmelt, drought, and the formation and melting of river ice.
  • Studied the feasibility of water reclamation and routing projects.
  • Determined the possible effects of activities such as drilling, land development, and bridge construction on local waters.
  • Performed research at a variety of outdoor sites and also worked in laboratories.
  • Monitored wells, recorded water depths, and measured stream flows and runoff rates.
  • Frequently collected and analyzed water samples and researched historical data on storms and floods.


Master's Degree in Hydrology
University of New York (2000)

Bachelor of Science Degree in Hydrology
University of New York (1998)

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