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123 Main Street Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Home: (555) 555-1234, Cell: (555) 555-1235

Seek the Challenging Position of Senior Glazier

A highly talented Glazier with huge experience in installing glass in windows, skylights, store fronts, and display cases, and on surfaces, such as building fronts, interior walls, ceilings, and tabletops.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than eight years experience.
  • Thorough knowledge methods, materials and equipment used    in glazing.
  • Excellent knowledge of types and sizes of a variety of glass.
  • Remarkable knowledge of methods and procedures for glass    installation.
  • Strong knowledge of health and safety regulations.
  • Uncommon ability to perform skilled glazing work involved in    installing and repairing glass and related hardware in windows    and doors in school and office buildings and automotive    equipment.
  • Sound ability to determine grade, size and type of glass.
  • Profound ability to replace a variety of glass.
  • Deep ability to prepare cost estimates, understand and follow    oral and written directions.
  • Excellent ability to work independently with little direction.
  • Exceptional ability to establish and maintain effective working    relationships with others.
  • Proven ability to meet schedules and time lines.
  • In-depth ability to communicate effectively both orally and in    writing.
  • Deep ability to maintain routine records and prepare reports    related to work performed.
  • Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively with others.
  • Excellent ability to observe legal and defensive driving    practices.
  • Excellent dexterity of hands and fingers to operate specialized    glazing tools and equipment, reaching overhead, above the    shoulders and horizontally, standing for extended periods of    time, bending at the waist, bending, pushing, moving    moderately heavy objects.
  • Strong ability to install storefront systems, shear block and    screw spine.
  • Exceptional ability to work with major types of contract    documents that govern a project.
  • Remarkable ability to install curtain wall systems.
  • Uncommon ability to design and install procedures for sloped    glazing and all types of skylights.
  • Profound ability to estimate jobs and order material    according to the estimate.
  • Immense ability to perform project planning, time    management, scheduling of jobs and direct lower level    personnel.

    Professional Experience

    Renovate Inc., Tarrytown, NY                        2003 - Present

    Glazier, Senior
    • Assist glaziers in assigned work.
    • Apply safety rules and precautions for work on jobsite handling glass.
    • Work with different types of glass: mirrors, laminated, insulating and tempered glass.
    • Cut glass, wired glass and laminated and perform in a safe manner.
    • Perform glazing in doors, sidelights and glazed panels.
    • Use math for area measurement and the practical use of mathematics on the job.
    • Edge, drill and notch glass for making cutouts and cutting circles.
    • Use required handling systems for handling glass, dollies, slings and vacuum cups.
    • Read blue prints correctly and work from sketches and verbal instructions.
    • Work with acrylic and poly-carbonate plastics.
    • Work with principle parts and understand manufacturing of insulating glass.
    • Work with various types of windows, residential and commercial.
    • Cut out registers, receptacles and light switches in a wall of mirrors.
    • Measure and cut stock glass to pre-determined size or shape, install and apply glazing.
    • Re-glaze lead windows.
    • Solder lead for repair of windows.
    • Properly use different types of hoists, slings and related hardware.
    • Safely operate equipment being used.
    • Install lead sashes and make new lead sashes from field measurements.
    • Perform periodic preventive maintenance on missing, dried and cracked glazing.
    • Fabricate aluminum doors, frames from blue prints.
    • Re-glaze and safely remove broken glass from commercial store front frames.
    • Work with different types of door hardware for aluminum doors, panic devices, push-pull and closer hardware and trouble shooting.
    • Utilize mechanical fasteners and thread bolts for correct application.
    • Repair all types of window balance and trouble shoot.
    • Update and logout computer-assigned work orders.
    • Do custom mirror installation, edging, drilling and notching to fix area of installation.
    • Install custom aluminum as in, angled entrances, peak frames and segmental turns.
    • Build custom shower and tub enclosures.
    • Perform geometric measurements and apply them to glazier trade.
    • Draw sketches for trainees to help them visualize work on paper; design and layout job and complete work from them.
    • Work with and direct lower level personnel.
    • Work from blueprints, sketches and verbal instructions.
    • Safely set-up and operate scaffolding, hoists, slings, platform and other related hardware, and direct lower level personnel in set-up and safe use.

    Renovate Inc., Tarrytown, NY                        2000 - 2003

    • Removed putty and broken glass from windows, doors, transoms and skylights in school and office buildings; measured size of openings; cut and set new glass.
    • Worked with either wood or steel sash, mixing and applying putty and installing metal settings or wood moldings to make glasswork secure and watertight.
    • Removed and replaced window hinges, latches, locks, friction shoes, awning-type closures and other window hardware.
    • Laid out work; estimated cost, time and materials requirements; maintained related records.
    • Determined grade, size and type of glass; completed and submitted requisitions for needed supplies and materials; communicated with vendors, suppliers and manufacturers as necessary to discuss the availability, price and quality of glass, hardware and other supplies; ordered supplies on open purchase orders as authorized.
    • Cut and installed plate glass for desk and table tops and showcases; cut and installed glass materials such as plate glass mirrors, aluminum plate and security glass; cut and installed glass in fire alarm pull boxes and fire extinguisher cabinets.
    • Identified asbestos-containing materials and notified supervisor or other appropriate personnel to instigate abatement procedures as required.
    • Operated tools and equipment utilized in the glazing trade.
    • Established and implemented prudent safety policies and procedures relative to the glazing function and work area.

    Renovate Inc., Tarrytown, NY                        1997 - 2000

    Glazier Apprentice (under the supervision of experienced Glazier)
    • Fastened glass panes into wood sash and spread and smoothed putty around edge of pane with knife to seal joints.
    • Installed pre-assembled framework for windows or doors designed to be fitted with glass panels, including stained glass windows, using hand tools.
    • Attached backing and leveling devices to wall surface, using nails and screws, and cuts mounting strips and moldings to required lengths.
    • Marked outline or pattern on glass, cut glass, and broke off excess glass by hand or with notched tool.
    • Set glass doors into frame and bolts metal hinges, handles, locks, and other hardware onto glass doors.
    • Assembled, fitted, and attached metal-framed glass enclosures for showers or bathtubs to framing around bath enclosure.
    • Measured mirror and dimensions of area to be covered and determined plumb of walls or ceilings, using plumb-line and level.
    • Attached mounting strips and moldings to surface and applied mastic cement, putty, or screws to secure mirrors into position.
    • Measured, cut, fitted, and pressed anti-glare adhesive film to glass or sprayed glass with tinting solution to prevent light glare.
    • Covered mirrors with protective material to prevent damage.
    • Loaded and arranged mirrors on truck, following sequence of deliveries.
    • Drove truck to installation site and unloaded mirrors, equipment, and tools.
    • Moved furniture to clear work site and covered floors and furnishings with drop cloths.


    Possess a valid New York driver's license
    Completed fork-lift training

    High School Diploma (1997)

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