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Objective:   Seek the Position of Gaming Supervisor

SUMMARY:   Exceptionally gifted Gaming Supervisor with over six years experience in supervising gaming operations and personnel in an assigned area; circulating among tables and observing operations; ensuring that stations and games are covered for each shift.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Huge knowledge of the culture, customs, traditions, history and government of the State of Minnesota and its communities.
  • In-depth knowledge of State of Minnesota and its communities SRPMIC Ordinances regarding gaming.
  • Profound knowledge of Federal SRPMIC and Gaming laws, regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Great knowledge of casino internal controls and operational procedures.
  • Immense knowledge of documentation/record keeping principles and practices.
  • Strong knowledge of monitoring techniques for possible illegal gaming practices and devices.
  • Remarkable knowledge of security practices including surveillance equipment and its usage.
  • Exceptional knowledge of public relations/customer service practices and procedures.
  • In-depth skill in written and oral communication necessary for documentation, reporting incidents, explanation of practices, policies and procedures.
  • Great skill in observing employees and customers for compliance with gaming regulations.
  • Uncommon skill in observing/monitoring employees to ensure compliance with internal controls, and management practices and procedures.
  • Immense skill in utilizing customer service/public relations techniques in responding to inquiries and complaints from customers, employees and regulatory agents.
  • Exceptional skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with Federal, State and Community regulatory agencies, upper management, co-worker, and the general public.
  • Great skill in applying investigative techniques and practices.
  • Exceptional ability to stand and walk for extended periods of time.
  • Huge ability to communicate effectively with customers to eliminate disruptive situations.
  • Uncommon ability to operate standard gaming equipment such as slot machines and video gaming machines.

Professional Experience

Moon Walker Casino Inc., Minneapolis, MN
2002 - Present

Gaming Supervisor
  • Monitor casino floor, observing customers and employees to ensure compliance with Minneapolis gaming regulations, gaming commission regulations, and casino management practices, policies and procedures.
  • Monitor gaming activities to prevent cheating and fraud.
  • Write incident reports and follow up on all reported incidents/violations of regulations and controls, working closely with casino floor security and financial personnel.
  • Monitor customers and employees to ensure no cheating or illegal gaming devices are used.
  • Report observed/detected irregularities in any department.
  • Prepare and make special inspections when needed.
  • Monitor money transfers and cash drop procedures.
  • Perform unannounced surveillance and monitoring visits continuously during shift to all public and secured areas of the casino.
  • Verify jackpots and, whenever possible, physically present when slot machines are opened for any reason.
  • Monitor log sheets and incident reports.
  • Conduct random testing/auditing of internal controls systems.
  • Check employee's licenses for irregularities.
  • Escort State Gaming Agency personnel when inspections occur.
  • Observe and document slot machine logic board access, and provide forms for the release of computer chips..
  • Gather evidence and facts for reports including witness statements and surveillance tapes.
  • Submit a Shift Activity Report at the end of each shift.
  • Monitor casino for any physical hazards or acts/omissions that would jeopardize the safety of patrons and employees.

Moon Walker Casino Inc., Minneapolis, MN
2000 - 2002

Enforcement Agent
  • Ensured strict compliance with all applicable commission policies, directives, administrative rules and regulations.
  • Maintained a close relationship with the Enforcement Supervisor, coordinating investigatory and enforcement activities.
  • Developed and maintained positive working relationships with federal, state and local law enforcement officers as necessary to conduct and assist in investigations and activities effectively.
  • Obtained working knowledge of riverboat personnel responsibilities and maintained professional working relationships with those individuals.
  • Developed and maintained close working relationships with all applicable law enforcement and regulatory agencies.
  • Obtained thorough knowledge of the internal controls of the assigned riverboat.
  • Monitored, documented and reported internal control compliance.
  • Remained apprised of current and emerging issues at the assigned riverboat.
  • Developed and maintained detailed and current knowledge of gaming enforcement activities.

Education And Professional Training

State of Minnesota Licensed Gaming Worker

Associate Degree in Casino Operation
University of New York (1998)

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