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Top Food Service Management Position - Food Service Manager - in a Major Corporation

Highly talented, self-motivated, enthusiastic food service professional with more than twelve years experience in the food services and drinking places industry. Track record of huge successes at assisting, coordinating, directing and providing training for food service personnel to perform their functions in a safe and efficient manner; providing food services that meets the mandated nutritional needs of customers; ensuring availability of quantities of items; providing written support to convey information; and complying with mandated health requirements. Above all, ensuring that customers are satisfied with their dining experience.

Core Competencies

  • Sound ability to analyze recipes to determine food, labor, and    overhead costs and to assign prices to various dishes.
  • Remarkable skills to develop menus far enough in advance so    that supplies can be ordered and received in time.
  • Uncommon ability to estimate food needs, place orders with    distributors, and schedule the delivery of fresh food and    supplies.
  • Immense ability to plan for routine services and deliveries.
  • Excellent communication skills (both written and spoken).
  • Ability to speak several foreign languages including French,    Italia, Spanish and Latin.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to motivate staff to    higher achievement.
  • Superb customer relation skills.
  • Excellent ability to perform basic math, including calculation of    fractions, percents and ratios; read technical information,    compose a variety of documents and facilitate group    discussions; and solve practical problems.
  • Remarkable ability to work with diverse individuals and groups;    work with data of different types and purposes; and utilize a    wide variety of job related equipment.
  • Great Problem solving ability to analyze issues, create plans of    action and reach solutions.
  • Knowledge of pertinent codes, policies, regulations and laws;    food safety and handling procedures.
  • Mastery of the use of the Internet.

    Professional Experience

    Tasty Hotels, Everett, WA                               2003 - Present
    Assistant Food Service Manager
    1. Clean utensils, equipment, and the storage, food preparation and serving areas for the purpose of maintaining sanitary conditions.
    2. Direct food service workers and other personnel as assigned for the purpose of maximizing the efficiency of the work force and meeting shift requirements.
    3. Implement menu plans for the purpose of meeting customers' requirements.
    4. Inspect received items of food and supplies for the purpose of verifying quantity, quality and specifications of orders and complying with mandated health requirements.
    5. Inventory food, condiments and supplies for the purpose of ensuring availability of items.
    6. Maintain food service equipment for the purpose of maintaining safe operating conditions.
    7. Manage site operations for the purpose of providing safe and efficient food services in compliance with health requirements.
    8. Perform functions as required of another position within area of responsibility for the purpose of providing overall coverage of food service operations.
    9. Prepare documentation (e.g. daily menu production, quality control, payroll, etc.) for the purpose of providing written support and conveying information.
    10. Prepare food and beverage items for the purpose of meeting projected meal requirements.
    11. Respond to inquiries of customers, staff and the public for the purpose of providing information and direction regarding the type and cost of meals.
    12. Stock food, condiments and supplies for the purpose of maintaining adequate quantities and security of items.
    13. Train employees and evaluates job performance for the purpose of supporting them in the completion of their work activities.
    Tasty Hotels, Everett, WA                                  1999 - 2003
    Pastry Chef
    1. Managed a staff of 8, responsible for all aspects of financial, creative and managerial tasks that are needed to operate my kitchen.
    2. Planned menus and executed the work.
    3. Trained staff and coordinated with the sales and revenue producing departments as well as the support departments in the hotel.
    4. Consulted with clients to determine their needs and dreams and reported to the Assistant Manager.
    5. Promoted the hotel and craft by giving demonstrations to classes, judged food shows and been on TV.
    6. Created a dessert experience for my guest that made them go "wow!" as well as an experience for my team that helped them achieve their professional goals.
    Tasty Hotels, Everett, WA                                  1993 - 1998
  • Prepared regular and special diet foods according to prescribed menus and recipes.
  • Followed established schedules in cooking, baking, sanitation, and related activities.
  • Determined proper cooking time and temperature.
  • Took inventory of supplies on hand and ordered food supplies, ingredients, and other consumables on a scheduled basis as determined by menu and estimated number of diners.
  • Cleaned and sanitized all food preparation equipment and ensured that they are kept in safe and operable condition.
  • Demonstrated continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and worked cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service.

    Certified Foodservice Management Professional (FMP (2002)

    BA degree in Restaurant Management, University of New York (2001).

    Computer Skills: Windows, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, Word, Westlaw, Lexis-Nexus, Lotus Notes and Excel

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