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Seek the Challenging Position of Fabricator

A highly talented Fabricator with huge background in performing a variety of welding duties in the field and in the shop associated with domestic, reclaimed, and agricultural water and wastewater utility services including water lines, pump stations, and lift stations; fabricating and installing special devices; repairing trailers, backhoes, tractors, trucks; operating a variety of maintenance and construction equipment; and reading blueprints and schematics and drawing rough sketches.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than eight years experience.
  • Thorough knowledge of methods, techniques, tools, equipment    and supplies used in the welding and fabrication of domestic,    reclaimed, and agricultural water and wastewater utility    services.
  • Exceptional ability to weld properties of various metals and    alloys.
  • Remarkable ability to characterize operations of a variety of    tools and equipment including band saw and iron worker.
  • Strong knowledge of materials, practices, equipment, and    tools required for pipeline, hydrant service, and meter    installation and repair.
  • Immense ability to use power operated and hand tools and    safety gear.
  • Solid knowledge of basic mathematical principles.
  • In-depth knowledge of principles and procedures of record    keeping.
  • Uncommon ability to perform occupational hazards and    standard safety practices.
  • Exceptional ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both    orally and in writing.
  • Sound ability to establish and maintain effective working    relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
  • Strong ability to perform a variety of welding functions in the    maintenance and upkeep of equipment.
  • Immense ability to operate a variety of welding equipment in a    safe and effective manner.
  • Profound ability to determine correct welding rod and    procedure for work to be completed.
  • Exceptional ability to identify problems and make concise and    correct decisions.
  • Solid ability to complete appropriate records and documents.
  • Deep ability to perform precision tolerance fit-ups and layout    fabrication from blueprints.

    Professional Experience

    ASTEC ENGINEERING Inc., Tarrytown, NY        2003 - Present

    • Perform various welding activities associated with the cutting, fitting, laying, and repairing of domestic, reclaimed, and agricultural water and wastewater pipelines, and installation of meters, valves, and hydrants, and other appurtenant facilities.
    • Perform other welding activities relating to repairs of heavy equipment such as backhoes, tractors, and trucks; fabricates special structures and devices.
    • Prepare layouts, fabricate, and weld specialty projects related to pump stations, sewage lift stations, and other projects as directed.
    • Read blueprints and schematics and draws sketches to fabricate equipment and tools.
    • Operate an industrial truck crane and a variety of hand and power tools used in domestic, reclaimed, and agricultural water and wastewater system construction and maintenance work.
    • Install items that have been fabricated; as assigned, instruct and oversee other District employees in the installation process of fabricated items.
    • Fabricate and repair fencing and security devices surrounding reservoirs and all other District owned property; design security locks boxes for hatches and doors on reservoirs.
    • Operate equipment and power tools, including arc welding and gas welding equipment, grinders, sanders, lathes and saws.
    • Coordinate assigned tasks with other departments and divisions as necessary.
    • Complete and maintain record of work performed and materials used.
    • Respond to emergency call-out situations and perform standby duty for emergency response on weekends and holidays according to predetermined schedule.
    • Read, understand, and ensure compliance with the District Safety Manual.
    • Attend safety meetings, as required; report all accidents, violations, or infractions to supervisor.
    • Perform related duties as required.

    ASTEC ENGINEERING Inc., Tarrytown, NY          1997 - 2003

    Apprentice Welder Fabricator (under supervision)
    • Performed skilled oxy-acetylene and electric arc welding.
    • Designed and fabricated vehicles and equipment.
    • Built welded items from drawings.
    • Installed welded items.
    • Performed minor body and mechanical repairs and inspected equipment for safety and mechanical defects.
    • Followed all applicable safety rules and regulations.
    • Performed other related duties as assigned.

    Education and Professional Training

    Possession of valid A.W.S. D-1.1 Certification for structural steel
    Possession of a valid ASME Sec. 9 Certification for pipe welding
    CPR/First Aid training certified
    Possession of a valid Water Distribution Operator Grade D2 Certificate issued by the State of New York Department of Health Services
    Possession of a valid Grade I Water Treatment Operator Certificate issued by the State of New York

    High School Diploma (1997)

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