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Seek the Challenging Position of Supervisor, Elevator Repairer

A highly talented Elevator Repairer with huge experience in assembling, installing, repairing, and maintaining electric and hydraulic freight and passenger elevators, escalators, and dumbwaiters.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than eight years experience.
  • Thorough knowledge of codes, methods, materials, equipment,    hazards, and safety precautions of the trade.
  • Strong ability to work from blueprints and schematics.
  • Profound ability to perform frequent heavy lifting.
  • Demonstrated ability to follow and/or interpret oral and written    directions.
  • Demonstrated positive interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and project a    positive image.
  • Considerable knowledge of electrical transformers, motors,    starters, panel boards, and switches.
  • Considerable knowledge of the hazards and safety precautions    of electricity.
  • Considerable knowledge of the electrical code.
  • Uncommon ability to use the tools of the electrical trade to    install, repair and adjust electric motors and elevators.
  • Exceptional ability installing equipment, machines, wiring, or    programs to meet specifications.
  • Deep ability repairing machines or systems using the needed    tools.
  • Remarkable ability performing routine maintenance on    equipment and determining when and what kind of    maintenance is needed.

    Professional Experience

    Renovate Inc., Tarrytown, NY                       2003 - Present

    Supervisor, Elevator Repairer
    • Supervise, coordinate and participate in the maintenance, servicing, repair and troubleshooting of elevators, tray-veyors, dumbwaiters, conveyors, booklifts and related machinery and equipment.
    • Plan and schedule work for the group ensuring adequate distribution of assignments and adequate staffing, space and facilities for subsequent performance of duties.
    • Prepare and maintain preventive maintenance schedules for elevators and related equipment; prepare and maintain deficiency reports and maintenance logs.
    • Ensure the inspection and adjustment of elevators and related equipment as required by the N.C. Department of Labor.
    • Ensure that an adequate inventory of all necessary parts, tools and test equipment is maintained at all times.
    • Coordinate training programs for new personnel.
    • Supervise subordinate personnel within the elevator shop and submit personnel action recommendations to include, but not limited to, hiring, performance appraisals, promotions, transfers, and vacation schedules.

    Renovate Inc., Tarrytown, NY                        2000 - 2003

    Elevator Repairer
    • Evaluated complex functions and malfunctions in elevator and powered lift systems and took corrective action.
    • Performed complex repairs, installations, alterations and maintenance of specialized elevator or powered lift systems, including electronic controls.
    • Adapted commercially available components to meet specialized needs.
    • Fabricated, modified, maintained, repaired, calibrated, and adjusted electrical and electronic circuitry and electronic, hydraulic, and mechanical equipment for all elevator systems.
    • Performed safety tests, including governor and weight tests, in accordance with State of New York regulations.
    • Analyzed malfunction of electrical and electronic equipment, using ammeter, voltmeter, ohmmeter, electronic test equipment, drawings, schematics, and visual inspection.
    • Read and interpreted blueprints, diagrams, sketches, and job specifications.
    • Provided technical information, advice, operating instructions, and similar written materials for supervisory and trades employees.
    • Prepared records, detailed reports, detailed recommendations, and similar written materials for supervisory and management use.
    • Requisitioned materials and parts.
    • Performed preventive maintenance recommended by manufacturer.
    • Cleaned room and equipment in mechanical room, elevator pit and top of elevator car.
    • Trained others so they could become qualified as a licensed elevator repairman class A.
    • Trained others as directed.
    • Performed other duties as assigned.

    Renovate Inc., Tarrytown, NY                        1997 - 2000

    Elevator Repairer Apprentice (under the supervision of experienced Elevator Repairer)
    • Repaired and maintained elevators, escalators, and dumb-waiters to meet safety regulations and building codes, using hand tools, power tools, test lamps, ammeters, voltmeters, and other testing devices.
    • Located and determined causes of trouble in brakes, motors, switches, and signal and control systems, using test lamps, ammeters, and voltmeters.
    • Disassembled defective units and repaired and replaced parts, such as locks, gears, cables, electric wiring, and faulty safety devices, using hand tools.
    • Installed push-button controls and other devices to modernize elevators.
    • Lubricated bearings and other parts to minimize friction.


    Certified Elevator Mechanic
    by the National Association of Elevator Contractors

    New York University, NY
    Associate Degree in Electronics (2000)

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