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Seek the Challenging Position of Senior Construction Equipment Operator

A highly talented Construction Equipment Operator with huge experience in operating wheeled and/or tracked motorized construction and maintenance equipment to move, lift, transport, and apply earth and materials on state properties or project sites.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than eight years experience.
  • Thorough knowledge of the operation of motorized equipment,    such as tractors, trucks, bulldozers, backhoes, and front-end    loaders.
  • Excellent knowledge of the use and care of hand and power    tools, such as chain saws, pumps, air hammers, compressors,    and mixers.
  • Exceptional knowledge of safety precautions to be observed in    working on or near highways.
  • Deep knowledge of street and highway traffic rules and    regulations.
  • Uncommon ability to operate motorized equipment with great    skill and in a safe manner.
  • Profound ability to read, understand and work in conformity    with work orders, blueprints, or construction plans.
  • Great ability to make minor repairs and adjustments to    equipment.
  • Remarkable ability to detect unsafe or hazardous conditions of    equipment and work environment.
  • In-depth ability to follow instructions.
  • Strong ability to communicate effectively.
  • Solid ability to provide training and explain instructions and    guidelines to others effectively.
  • Sound ability to organize and coordinate the work of the unit.
  • Great ability to determine work priorities and assign work to    subordinates.

    Professional Experience

    The Metropolitan Inc, Tarrytown, NY            2000 - Present

    Construction Equipment Operator
    • Operate a variety of wheeled or tracked construction or maintenance equipment, such as bulldozers, graders, backhoes, front-end loaders, dashers, and heavy maintenance trucks.
    • Operate semi trucks with trailers, and heavy-duty dump trucks.
    • Observe work site and equipment to detect and protect against unsafe or hazardous operating conditions.
    • Perform preventive maintenance and minor repairs to motorized vehicles and equipment operated.
    • Assist and participates in major repair work and related maintenance activities, as assigned.
    • Plant, trim, and remove trees using various landscaping equipment.
    • Grade and prepare grounds, parking areas and driveways, using motorized graders and various landscaping equipment.
    • Read work orders and construction plans to determine work to be done; decide equipment and method of operation needed to accomplish the work.
    • Move construction equipment from one project site to another.
    • Clear and clean roadways, rights-of-way, tourist facilities, catch basins, and other areas.
    • Operate trucks with snowplows, underbody blades, sanders, and metered salt spreaders.
    • Participate in such trades tasks as pavement repairs, culvert repairs, guardrail and sign repair.
    • Set up and operate, on a regular basis, specialized construction equipment, typified by such units as cranes equipped with dragline, clam shell, pile driver; heavy land clearing bulldozers equipped with tree cutter and timber rake or rock rack.
    • Operate maintenance equipment involving complex technical processes such as the hot rubber asphalt machine used to patch airport runways to meet FAA standards.
    • Operate semi tractor and tandem axle trailer combination on a regular, full-time basis.

    The Metropolitan Inc, Tarrytown, NY               1997 - 2000

    Construction Equipment Operator Trainee (under the supervision of Senior Construction Equipment Operator)
    • Operated equipment over rough, rocky, steep surfaces; mountainous terrain etc.
    • Performed routine maintenance on equipment and determined when and what kind of maintenance is needed.
    • Repaired machines or systems using the needed tools.
    • Watched gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure a machine is working properly.
    • Determined the kind of tools and equipment needed to do a job.
    • Determined causes of operating errors and decided what to do about it.
    • Graded and leveled to fine grade specifications as determined by grade stakes all construction materials and soil types on rolling and hilly terrain.
    • Operated equipment to clear maintained and closed roadways of snow and ice.
    • Excavated trenches to expose or install underground utilities.
    • Interpreted and followed instructions using specifications, construction drawings etc.
    • Interpreted and applied safety codes and industry standards in the operation of equipment and attachments.


    High School Diploma (1997)
    Valid State of New York Class A Driver's License

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