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Seek the Challenging Position of Clinical Laboratory Technologist

A highly talented Clinical Laboratory Technologist with huge experience in performing complex chemical, biological, hematological, immunologic, microscopic, and bacteriological tests, working within the scope of Laboratory policies and procedures, contributing to positive outcomes and meeting the vision and cultural expectations of the organization by exhibiting professional behavior and laboratory expertise; identifying opportunities for and contributing to the improvement of quality, safety and cost, as well as patient, customer, and employee satisfaction.

Summary of Qualifications
  • More than eight years experience as Clinical Laboratory Technologist.
  • In-depth ability to perform microbiological procedures; culture and isolate micro-organisms; analyze and interpret information from microscopy; prepare, read and interpret slide preparations.
  • Excellent ability to analyze test results and biochemical reactions; identify microorganisms; interpret tests and quality control results; know principles of test systems.
  • Proficiency at observing safety precautions and handling of infectious specimens; remembering principles involved in biochemical reactions; and understanding laboratory procedures.
  • Superb analytical ability and judgment to relate test results to normal or pathological states, to resolve technical equipment problems, and interpret quality control data.
  • Great visual acuity to distinguish fine gradations of color and texture, and sound manual dexterity to work with delicate instruments.
  • Remarkable ability to prepare and record accurate laboratory reports.
  • Excellent ability to work independently, evaluate situations and act appropriately.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to interact courteously and effectively with co-workers, physicians, other hospital personnel and other outside contacts.
  • Enviable neat and orderly work habits.
  • Unmatchable ability to pay careful attention to detail and to adhere to written protocols.
  • Uncommon ability to remain calm and efficient in stressful situations.
  • Great knowledge of chemical, biological and mathematical principles, and of laboratory instrumentation, method principles and techniques.
Professional Experience

Mount Carmel University, Tarrytown, NY      2003 - Present

Clinical Laboratory Technologist
  • Perform complex laboratory tests and procedures on blood and other body fluids, according to laboratory policies.
  • Prepare samples and reagents for testing according to laboratory policies.
  • Responsible for the accuracy, interpretation and reporting of all test results according to laboratory policies.
  • Perform routine maintenance on equipment and quality control for all reagents.
  • Keep accurate records of quality control, maintenance and workload data according to laboratory policies.
  • Refer problems and unusual results to appropriate parties and document all corrective action procedures undertaken in the Laboratory.
  • Perform clerical and support services as needed, such as answering the telephone, calling STATS and alerting values to the appropriate department or clinician, disposing of contaminated specimens, control of inventory, etc.
  • Participate in proficiency testing of unknowns and internal and external continuing education programs to keep current of developments in their field.
St. Michael Hospital, Tarrytown, NY              2000 - 2003

Clinical Laboratory Technologist
  • Performed microbiological and related biological and bio-chemical examinations on clinical and environmental specimens for the detection and identification of microbial agents of disease.
  • Examined food and water samples for microbial agents; identified microorganisms to the genus and species level.
  • Performed serological tests to aid in diagnosis of communicable and other diseases.
  • Performed molecular testing procedures such as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), for the identification of communicable disease agents, e.g. tuberculosis, HIV, STD's in addition to suspect bioterrorist agents.
  • Performed proficiency tests on simulated specimens.
  • Ordered and prepared testing culture media, stains, and reagents; prepared and examined slide preparations for the detection of microbial agents.
  • Accurately read, interpreted and recorded the results of laboratory tests.
  • Integrated instrument data, quality control and tested principles for accurate result reporting.
  • Assisted with the collection and analysis of laboratory data; entered, retrieved and processed computer generated lab reports.
  • Performed procedures for quality control and quality assurance of all laboratory analyses.
  • Provided highly technical and complex information clearly to physicians, medical personnel and the public; and the courts whenever applicable.
St. Michael Hospital, Tarrytown, NY              1997 - 2000

Clinical Laboratory Technologist (intern - under the supervision of a senior Clinical Laboratory Technologist)
  • Kept records, prepared and updated written reports and procedure manuals.
  • Assist in research, planning and evaluation of alternate methods and new testing procedures.
  • Prepared and analyzed samples in a BSL-2 and/or BSL-3 laboratory environment, including hazardous clean up procedures.
  • Conducted chemical analyses of blood, urine, cerebro-spinal and other body fluids.
  • Studied blood cells and other tissues to determine their relation to various physiological and pathological conditions.
  • Prepared tissue sections for microscopic examinations using techniques to demonstrate special cellular tissue elements or other characteristics.
Education and Professional Training

Certified Clinical Laboratory Technologist by the American Medical Technologists, the Board of Registry of the American Association of Bioanalysts.

New York University, NY
Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology (1996)

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