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Seek the Challenging Position of Child Care Worker

A highly talented Child Care Workers with huge experience in providing a safe, stimulating environment for young children; conducting individual and group activities to encourage learning and develop social interaction skills; preparing and serving children's meals; maintaining appropriate records of attendance and activities.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than eight years experience.
  • Deep ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in    writing.
  • Strong ability to understand and follow specific instructions    and procedures.
  • Uncommon knowledge of child cognitive, social, and skills    development methods and techniques.
  • Exceptional knowledge of play, reading, and quiet-time    activities for children.
  • In-depth child supervision skills.
  • Great ability to provide a supportive and caring environment    for children.
  • Excellent ability to provide basic nutrition and hygiene services    for infants and young children.
  • Uncommon knowledge of child care facility, services and staff    licensure and certification requirements.
  • Strong ability to undertake all physical requirements involved    with the early childhood setting including lifting loads of 0kg,    bending, squatting, pushing, pulling, trunk twisting, kneeling    and standing and sitting for long duration.
  • Deep understanding of a safe environment for children.
  • Strong knowledge of stages of physical, emotional, cognitive,    social and cultural development of children.
  • Immense knowledge of activities and experiences appropriate    for age groups and stages of development of children.
  • In-depth knowledge of health, hygiene and nutritional needs of    children.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in partnerships with families.
  • Exceptional communication skills.
  • Uncommon knowledge of Child Protection legislation and its    implications for the care and protection of children.
  • Remarkable ability to contribute as a team member to    Occupational Health and Safety issues.
  • Proven ability to communicate clearly all necessary information    to families, children and staff members.
  • Demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional    development in the early childhood profession.

    Professional Experience

    New York State Department of Community Services, NY
    2003 - Present

    Child Care Worker
    • Work as a member of a co-operative team in order to provide an appropriate educational program for the group/groups of children within the service.
    • Ensure that the policies of the department and the Funding Authorities are implemented in providing appropriate care and educational programs for children.
    • Responsible for the coordination of the activities of a group of children for short periods of time throughout the day.
    • Assist the team leader with the recording of children’s records and other activities.
    • Provide a healthy, safe and welcoming environment.
    • Assist the supervisor as required in setting up and cleaning away equipment, attending to the needs of children, administrative duties, and any other tasks incidental to the primary contact role.
    • Assist with the indoor and outdoor supervision of the children.
    • Attend to physical needs of the children.
    • Work as a member of a co-operative team, sharing housekeeping duties.
    • Responsible to and work under the direction of a supervisor who is regularly present in the room.
    • Assist with minor repairs to equipment.
    • Assist in developing a good relationship with families/care givers.
    • Follow housekeeping practices which ensure that equipment is maintained at an optimal level.
    • Organize a pleasant, welcoming and safe environment for children and staff.
    • Undertake the physical duties involved in working with young children in an early childhood setting on a daily basis.
    • Set up and pack away indoor and outdoor environments at the centre.

    Sparkle Home, Tarrytown, NY
    1997 - 2003

    Child Care Worker
    • Planned and implemented developmental programs, based on observation of individual children.
    • Observed and recorded children's growth, behavior and development, and discussed with parents.
    • Integrated children with special needs into the program, modifying the program and the physical environment when necessary.
    • Supervised and trained staff and students undertaking child care training programs.
    • Prepared play and learning materials and set up the children's environment.
    • Supervised children's play, making sure of their physical safety at all times.
    • Helped children with daily routines such as toileting, dressing, eating and sleeping.
    • Guided children's behavior and social development
    • Prepared light snacks and meals.
    • Maintained a safe, clean, appealing environment.
    • Performed simple first aid in emergencies.


    High School Diploma (1997)

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