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Objective:   Seek the Position of Butcher

SUMMARY:   Exceptionally talented Butcher with over seven years experience in cutting, trimming, and preparing consumer-sized portions of meat for sale in retail establishments.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Strong knowledge of the principles and processes for providing    customer and personal services.
  • Great ability to quickly move and use the hand.
  • Profound ability to work within a team and on own initiative as    required.
  • Excellent communication skills, honesty and a high level of    integrity.
  • Uncommon enthusiasm and capacity for hard work.
  • Strong systematic and cheerful approach with a 'can do'    attitude.
  • Great ability to judge the quality of things.

    Professional Experience

    Murray Farms Inc., Minneapolis, MN               2002 - Present

    • Cut, trim, bone, tie, and grind meats, such as beef, pork, poultry, and fish, to prepare meat in cooking form.
    • Prepare and place meat cuts and products in display counter, so they will appear attractive and catch the shopper's eye.
    • Prepare special cuts of meat ordered by customers.
    • Shape, lace, and tie roasts, using boning knife, skewer, and twine.
    • Total sales, and collect money from customers.
    • Wrap, weigh, label and price cuts of meat.
    • Estimate requirements and order or requisition meat supplies to maintain inventories.
    • Negotiate with representatives from supply companies to determine order details.
    • Receive, inspect, and store meat upon delivery, to ensure meat quality.
    • Record quantity of meat received and issued to cooks and keep records of meat sales.
    • Supervise other butchers and meat cutters.

    Saradon Farms, Minneapolis, MN                       1998 - 2002

    Trainee Butcher (under supervision)
    • Performed slaughtering and butchering tasks, using cutting tools, such as cleaver, knife, and saw.
    • Stunned animals prior to slaughtering.
    • Shackled hind legs of animals, such as cattle, sheep, and hogs, to raise them for slaughtering or skinning.
    • Severed jugular vein to drain blood and facilitate slaughtering.
    • Trimmed head meat and otherwise severs and removed parts of animal heads or skulls.
    • Sawed, split, and scribed slaughtered animals to reduce carcass.
    • Slit open, eviscerated, and trimmed carcasses of slaughtered animals.
    • Cut, trimmed, skinned, sorted, and washed viscera of slaughtered animals to separate edible portions from offal.
    • Washed carcasses.
    • Wrapped muslin cloth about dressed animal carcasses or sides to enhance appearance and protect meat.
    • Shaved hog carcasses.
    • Trimmed and cleaned animal hides, using knife.
    • Cut bones from standard cuts of meat, such as chucks, hams, loins, plates, rounds, and shanks, to prepare meat for marketing.
    • Examined, weighed, and sorted fresh pork cuts.
    • Skinned sections of animals or whole animals, such as cattle, sheep, and hogs.

    Education and Professional Training

    Certificate in Butchery

    High School Diploma (1998)

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