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Seek the Challenging Position of Bookkeeping Clerk

A highly talented Bookkeeping Clerk with huge experience in processing accounting input documents in order to initiate payments and billings; processing collected receipts; maintaining associated records of accounting activities; and performing related duties as assigned.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than eight years experience.
  • Strong knowledge of basic office procedures, practices and    equipment.
  • Sound knowledge of record-keeping fundamentals.
  • Excellent skill in making basic arithmetic calculations.
  • Great problem solving Skills.
  • In-depth ability to file quickly and accurately, using a numeric    or alphabetic system.
  • Uncommon ability to compare numbers quickly and accurately    to identify errors or transpositions.
  • Remarkable ability to organize and prioritize work in order to    meet rigidly imposed deadlines.
  • Exceptional ability to exercise discretion in disclosing    information.
  • Excellent ability to type at a high speed.
  • Profound knowledge of book-keeping fundamentals and ability    to apply them to work requirements.
  • Deep knowledge of regulations guiding the audit of    transactions, and their correct application.
  • Great knowledge of how to prepare forms to initiate action.
  • Immense knowledge of data processing transaction codes.
  • Strong knowledge of computer system functions as they    pertain to individual work activities.
  • Sound knowledge of payroll procedures.
  • Enviable ability to interpret computer print-outs and relevant    error messages.
  • Extensive ability to post entries and maintain records of    transactions.
  • Remarkable ability to identify transaction discrepancies and    resolve them.
  • Uncommon ability to balance transactions/accounts to control    figures.
  • Deep ability to operate a CRT to access information and    perform data entry activities.

    Professional Experience

    MediCare Inc., Tarrytown, NY                    2000 - Present

    Bookkeeping Clerk
    • Audit accounting documents (such as grant forms, invoices, bills and reimbursement claims) for accuracy, completeness and compliance with department procedures (or specific program eligibility requirements).
    • Make routine corrections to documents or return them to initiators for resolution.
    • Prepare documents for data processing by: assigning relevant transaction codes and account numbers.
    • Sort documents into batches according to data processing requirements.
    • Record batch information into a log book for control purposes.
    • Prepare payments for credit to appropriate accounts by: identifying payment type and relevant account information.
    • Complete receipts for payment amounts.
    • Balance receipts to cash on hand; and sort receipts into batches.
    • Apply receipted payments to accounts by entering payment information into a CRT terminal.
    • Compare computer reports generated by data processing activities to control documents in order to identify and resolve transaction discrepancies; re-submit corrected documents to Information Services or re-enter corrected data in CRT to ensure that input totals balance with control figures.
    • Establish and maintain manual records of individual transactions (such as financial cards, client control cards, and ledger cards) by recording: payor/payee identifying information; payment eligibility guidelines; dates, types and amounts of financial activity.
    • Calculate changing card/ledger balances in conjunction with posted transactions.
    • Balance various ledgers or accounts by computing totals and comparing results to external controls.
    • Establish and maintain manual and computer files of information for reference and documentation purposes.
    • Update information on computer established files by entering relevant data on a CRT, or by submitting proper documentation to keypunch personnel.
    • Close files according to department guidelines.
    • Reconcile bank account statements against control documents by: verifying debits and credits posted to accounts; identifying discrepancies between statement and control figures; notifying bank representatives or department staff members of account errors and overseeing their correction.
    • Prepare and type checks, billing forms, accounts payable forms and other financial documents in order to facilitate the dispersal and collection of funds.
    • Perform a variety of clerical duties as required to facilitate workflow in the unit, such as: sorting checks and forms; typing routine correspondence; filing documents; completing unit payroll forms; and ordering supplies.


    New York University, NY
    Associate Degree in Accounting (1997)

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