Sample Textile Screen Maker Cover Letter

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This textile screen maker cover letter shows the hiring manager that the applicant is well qualified to prepare stencils to be used in the screen-printing of textile materials. All textile screen maker cover letters with this kind of specific information will help any job seeker land an interview.

Alan Alston
876 Barker Street
Orland Park, USA 89890

March 18, 2007

Mr. Luke Hanks,
Hiring Manager
National Textiles, Inc.
100 Main Street
Orland Park, USA 89890

Dear Mr. Hanks:

I saw your notice on for a textile screen maker-the position I am looking for and qualified to carry out--including preparing stencils to be used in the screen printing of textile materials.

This cover letter is my application for this job and to ask if we might meet in person to talk more about what you expect from the textile screen makers who work for National Textiles, Inc.

I'm available to get together any weekday except Friday. Please phone me at 345-678-9999 to arrange a date that works for your schedule. Thanks so much for your time and attention. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Alan Alston

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