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In a job search, sometimes we believe that a variety of issues may be responsible for us not getting the job that we seek. Below are a number of questions that may reflect your attitude. Check the ones that you believe apply to your situation.

____I do not know how to look for the job I desire.
____I am too young/old.
____I do not have the skills needed.
____I do not have the education needed.
____I have a poor or checkered work history.
____Employers say that I do not have enough experience.
____I do not know how to get my foot in the door.
____I have poor oral communication skills.
____I have poor written communication skills.
____I am new in the area, and I don't know how to find the job I want here.
____I do not know how to do an application or a resume well.
____I do not know how to interview well.
____I do not know how to find the job that I desire in today's job market.
____I am still not sure what type of job I would like or fit into the best.
____I have an arrest and/ or prison record.
____I do not have the right clothers to seek the job I want.
____I do not have transportation.
____I have bad references from past employers.
____I did not graduate from high school or get a G.E.D.
____The job that I want is not out there.
____I do not feel comfortable seeking or researching the type of job I desire.
____I have a problem staying motivated in my job search.

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