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1) Lacks planning for career. No purpose, goal or direction.
2) Lacks knowledge about the company.
3) Fails to make eye contact.
4) Lacks vitality and enthusiasm.
5) Lacks interpersonal skills, humor, and/or a positive attitude.
6) Lacks social graces; discourteous or ill-mannered.
7) Poor personal appearance or inappropriate dress.
8) Dislikes past school work.
9) Condemns past employers or employees.
10) Unwilling to start at the bottom of the company.
11) Too much interest in salary; seeking only the top dollar.
12) Lacks interest; passive or indifferent to company employees.
13) Lacks self-confidence; nervous or ill at ease.
14) Lacks maturity or understanding.
15) Comes across as overbearing, overaggressive, conceited.
16) Poor communication skills, inability to express self clearly, poor grammar or diction (if relevant to the position).
17) Leans toward making excuses; evasive about past history, or hedges on explaining unfavorable factors about past.
18) Fails to ask questions about the company.
19) Lacks interest in the company or the position.
20) Sloppy application or resume.

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