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Career counseling is a valuable resource for students and people seeking jobs or a career change, but not everyone has access to a career counselor. features Candice Mancini as the new career coach in its "Ask the Career Coach" section. Mancini offers free online career advice and answers visitors' career questions.

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July 17, 2007

Candice Mancini now offers free online career advice at, a one-stop source for students and prospective students exploring e-learning. In the site's "Ask the Career Coach" section, Mancini answers visitors' questions about education, jobs and career changes (

Mancini's own career has been "varied but linear." She has a B.A. in history and English and an M.A. in education, and has also studied computers, writing, art and French. She's taught freshman composition to college students and AP English, history and physical education. She has also worked as a researcher, technical writer and office manager.

"My career has always progressed in the direction of teaching and writing, the two things that drive me and spark my passion," Mancini says. "My digressions along the way revealed to me aspects of life I wouldn't otherwise have known."

Mancini offered professional career counseling to her high school and college students and has loved giving career advice since she was an adolescent. "Down deep, most people know what they want to do, but they often need someone to encourage them and give them the specific bits of information that will make their path easier," she says.

"To be a successful career coach, you simply need to listen to people, help them find the information they're looking for, and encourage them."

Mancini loves that her online career counseling will give people easy, cost-free access to a career coach. "Colleges often employ career coaches, but it's not always easy to get an appointment--and many people seeking career advice aren't in school," she says. Other people may find the cost of professional career counseling prohibitive. In's "Ask the Career Coach" section, Mancini will give online answers to anonymous career and education questions from site visitors ( is a one-stop source for students and prospective students. In addition to interactive career coaching, the site offers information on courses, online degree programs and computer training.


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