Lawn Care Business During Fall and Winter


Lawn Care Business can increase for lawn care business owners as Summer eases into Fall and Winter.

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August 24, 2006

Tips on running your own Lawn Care / Landscaping Business by:

For many lawn care companies summer is their prime earning season. However, according to fall and winter can be as profitable as the warmer months. "With leaf raking, seeding, aerating, and fall cleanup jobs, many lawn care business owners operate their businesses full time all 12 months" representatives say, "busy lawn care operators might pause briefly in February to get their equipment ready for spring time. Otherwise they are going full-bore year round."

In addition to this added work, right now is a great time to gain new customers. Many families let their kids take care of lawn care needs in the summer. With kids going back to school and after school activities, they do not have extra time. Home owners are grateful to hire you to do all lawn care work for the rest of the season.

This is also prime bidding time for mowing contracts. Many contracts are bid at the end of the year and during January and February. Knowing where to look is important. "Contracts are not always advertised heavily. You have to know how to look for contracts." The training materials describe exactly where to look for these profitable contracts.

Low bidding alone will not always win you a contract.

"Bidding a contract takes skill" according to "there are a multitude of matters to consider and procedures to follow. If you make a mistake on your bid or during the estimating process, you can lose the contract." Knowing what to look for will help you make a better bid.

Winning mowing contracts this time of year allows successful bidders to get ready for the work ahead.

If you want to start small or if you already own a lawn care business, don't turn your back on fall and winter. This can be a very profitable time of year. develops training guides for new and existing lawn care businesses. They are also a support organization for the lawn care industry and will answer any questions you have about running a lawn care business.

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