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An increasing need for qualified workers has caused employers to offer more opportunities for a great career. offers career quizzes to help people who want to learn more about which type of career may be the best for them as they look into taking advantage of numerous new career opportunities available.

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July 5, 2007

To help people who want to take advantage of the recent boom in job opportunities,, a top online career and education quiz site, offers free career quizzes that let visitors explore a variety of potential career paths ( With the national unemployment rate at a near-record low, analysts are predicting "unexpected strength in the job market," according to, making it the perfect time to get started in the right career.

"What factor is most important to you in your career?" asks ( Among other career quizzes, offers an online degree quiz that helps visitors test whether or not they may want to pursue higher education to aid in the search for a new or better career. A free career quiz from will also help analyze important points to consider when searching for a new career, such as work experience and personality type. "Actively pursuing multiple leads will maximize your search efforts and reduce the time it takes you to find employment," says the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

The U.S. Census Bureau has found that adults with a bachelor's degree earn 83 percent more than those workers with a high school diploma. As such, it may be that further education is necessary to getting started in one of the careers currently experiencing a growing need for qualified employees. To provide more insight, also offers a free career quiz designed to assess how well an online degree may fit into the lifestyle of job seekers.

"Businesses are hiring more workers and paying them more money," says U.S. News and World Report, who has also found that certain careers perform better than others in hiring statistics. Career quizzes at, such as the nursing career quiz, are designed to help users get a better idea of how they would fare in one particular career or another before making a commitment ( is a top career and education site offering quizzes in a variety of educational areas. The site is designed to help visitors see if a career or education in a particular field is the right choice for them. quizzes range in topics from nursing careers to online degree education programs.


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