Intelestream Introduces Perpetual Sourcing, a Cutting Edge HR Sourcing Solution


Solution applies best practice sales pipeline concepts to the HR sourcing and recruiting industry. Revolutionary product is the result of a collaboration between Premier SugarCRM Partner Intelestream and Senior Recruiter and Souring Program Implementation Expert Todd Davis.

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March 13, 2008

Chicago, IL - Intelestream, a leader in SugarCRM professional services, today announced the company has teamed with Senior Recruiter and Sourcing Program Implementation Expert Todd Davis to deliver Perpetual Sourcing, a tool that revolutionizes the HR sourcing process.

The solution is based around a Customer Relationship Management workflow and introduces best practice sales pipeline concepts to HR sourcing and recruiting. The software runs off the award winning SugarCRM platform. "Sales and marketing teams have greatly improved lead acquisition by building pipelines with CRM technology; now HR departments can do the same with a technology solution that is fully tailored to their requirements," comments Mr. Davis.

The team formed between Todd Davis and Intelestream provides a complementary fusion between technical know-how and HR experience. As a firm that is made up by the world's leading SugarCRM experts, Intelestream drives the software functionality of the solution. Drawing from his experience as a senior recruiter with companies such as Microsoft, Google, Starbucks, and Yahoo!, Mr. Davis utilizes his insider knowledge by contributing to the solution in areas that include consultation with clients, strategy, mapping of the lead acquisition workflow, and new feature recommendations.

Intelestream Sales Director Ray Stoeckicht states, "Many of our HR clients have had great difficulty in the past finding an application that matches so well with their specific workflow. I am very excited to present them with Perpetual Sourcing. The solution is already taking off."

The Perpetual Sourcing Solution offers the following functionality and more:
- CRM based workflow empowers work force planning and builds loyalty among talents and leads by supplying a pipeline that reaches out ahead of demand
- Compatibility with Broadlook Technologies Diver and Contact Capture Plugins offers thorough and efficient data extraction and simplified data entry. (Recommended add-on)
- On demand reporting metrics show return on investment, recruiter productivity, recruitment conference results, and breakdown of talent pipeline that includes companies, regions, areas of expertise, and more
- Customizable phone screen templates attached to talent records flesh out a talent profile and ensure more targeted talent searches
- Sophisticated direct email campaign capabilities and Outlook synchronization
- Private teams option protects sensitive recruiting efforts
- Built in warehousing of documents, resumes, bios, profiles
- Data migration possible from several formats
- Web based solution is accessible anywhere, including PDAs
- Stable performance with little to no downtime

Perpetual Sourcing puts HR departments in the driver's seat and eliminates the need for costly third party sourcing agencies. Mr. Davis states, "I have worked in this industry for years and have been frustrated by the lack of control HR executives have when it comes to talent acquisition. Up until now, the only solution for finding the best talent has been through expensive agencies that often charge up to 25% of a candidate's salary. Perpetual Sourcing finally offers an affordable web-based alternative that transcends Web 2.0 while putting the 'human' element back into human resources."

The solution is immediately available through Intelestream. Pricing information can be obtained by contacting the company directly.


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