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  • Makes negative "I am" statements.
  • Fears new experiences and changes; lacks trust.
  • Has exaggerated responses to defeats or disappointments; wants to be perfect, but sees self as far from perfect.
  • Frequently boasts; exaggerates successes to cover up feelings of inadequacy.
  • Eager to please; strong need for approval and constant support.
  • Neglects physical appearance to an extreme degree.
  • Demonstrates poor eye contact.
  • Strong need for material possessions.
  • Reluctant to express own ideas; lacks belief in self.
  • Lacks accountability; feels hopeless.
  • Lacks energy; passive; sees small task as very large and intimidating.
  • Low level of self-awareness; uses lots of energy to maintain a false image.
  • Excessively anxious.
  • Overly sensitive to criticism, but overly critical of others.
  • Psychologically isolated; lacks a supportive network.
  • Has frequent psychosomatic complaints.
  • Habitually puts others down.
  • Focuses on the past.
  • Apologizes excessively; lots of negative self-talk.

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