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Rate the following according to what is important to you in a job.

1=Need 2=Would like 3=Not important 4=Must not have

____ Security
____ Variety
____ Routine
____ Challenge
____ Adventure
____ Laid back atmosphere
____ Independence
____ Regular hours
____ Flexible schedule
____ Creativity
____ High salary
____ Power and authority
____ Status, recognition
____ Fringe benefits
____ Specific location
____ Physical work
____ Environment

____ Competition
____ Frequent travel
____ Intellectual stimulation
____ Leadership
____ Outdoor work
____ Public attention
____ Seasonal work
____ Research work
____ Influencing others
____ Working with children
____ Working with your hands
____ Working with machines
____ Working with numbers
____ Working one-on-one
____ Helping others
____ Pleasurable work
____ Personal satisfaction

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