Your Amazing Job Interview Email Strategy

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Your Amazing Job Interview Email Strategy

The after job interview email that you send to the people you talked to can provide an amazing boost to your job search if you execute it perfectly. Executing perfectly, however, does not simply mean copying the same old tired email that every other job applicant sends after an email. Though that email can perform the single task of thanking the interviewer that is about it. With a more strategic execution of the thank you email, you can thank the interviewer, make your interests in the position even more clear, make a final pitch for your candidacy, invite a further conversation, create a warmer relationship with the interviewer and teach the interviewer to value any further communication from you.

Though this seems like a long list to accomplish with a simple post job interview email, it is not all that difficult to person. All it requires is that you write a standard, typical post job interview email and then add an element called the "informational gift." The informational gift is simply a small tidbit or knowledge that you believe the interviewer would find of value and interest. You pick the informational interview out by paying close attention to the interviewer during your conversation with him or her. During that talk, it's likely that he or she will reveal some intensified interest in some topic or the other. What you do when that happens is make a note of those topics and why you believe the interviewer would be interested.

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Then, when you write your tank you for job interview email, you quickly do some research to find some information related to that topic or subject that you can include in the email. Perhaps it's noting more than a link to a web site, a list of some kind, an attached article or a contact name. All that really matters is that you've made the effort and research to provide something of interest with the thank you email you send. The reason this is so appreciated is because most post job interview emails are most notable for being boring and being completely self-absorbed. In these emails, nine candidates out of ten spend all their time talking about their interests, their desires, and their hopes. To the interviewers, these notes fail the "what's in it for me?" test, so are largely ignored.

By including a piece of information in your job interview email that the interviewer appreciates, you demonstrate that you are not like the other candidates. You pay attention to and think about what the interviewer is interested in. Furthermore, you do the work to provide that to him or her without being told to. This is a very attractive quality in a potential employee. What's more, you establish a distinction between yourself in the mid of the interviewer as someone that he or she should pay attention to in the future. If the other elements of your job interview email are also well presented, then you should have a thank you note that well demonstrates why you are the best fit for the job.

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