Writing Successful Thank You Notes After a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Writing Successful Thank You Notes After a Job Interview

Most candidate write their thank you notes after job interview in the same way that they learned from a book or online example when they very first began looking for jobs. Since the other job seekers who they are competing against also learned from similar books or online samples, chances are good that they are all sending the exact same letter to the interviewer after the meeting. Now imagine what you would think about the thank you notes you received if you were the interviewer receiving dozens of copies of the same note. Chances are that eventually you would stop even paying attention to those notes at all.

As a job seeker looking for every possible advantage, what is the point of sending thank you notes after job interview that the interviewer doesn't even care about? Does sending a note like that move your candidacy forward, distinguish you from the pack, highlight your qualifications, or create any sort of advantage at all? The answer is, clearly, no. For that reason, as a job seeker looking for every possible edge, you should be looking for a way to make your thank you note as different and effective as you wish to be perceived by the interviewer. One possible tactic for achieving this edge is the tactic of the informational gift. The informational gift is a piece of knowledge or information that you add to the thank you note for the benefit of the interviewer. This doesn't have to be anything enormous or earth changing. A list of restaurants, a contact name, and a link to a published article are all great informational gifts. The only thing that matters is that it relates directly to something that the interviewer showed interest in during your interview.

Your Thank You Notes After Job Interview Advantage

By adding a piece of information of high interest to the thank you notes after job interview, you accomplish several key tasks. First, you show that you are different from the rest of the candidates. Second, the area in which you are different is your focus on other people and willingness to do what they want without being directed to. Third, you create a small feeling of gratitude and friendship with the interviewer. Fourth, you train that interviewer to know that any communication coming from you probably contains something that he or she will be interested in.

To pick your informational gift to put on the thank you notes after job interview, you simply have to pay extra attention during your job interview. Surely something that the interviewer says or does will give some clue to a topic or subject that he or she is interested in. IN your thank you note, attach or include this information with a quick note explaining what the interviewer said to make you believe he or she would appreciate more information on that topic. Even if you happen to choose something that the interviewer is not completely excited by, most people appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness that the informational gift implies.

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