Writing a Smashing Thank You Note After a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Writing a Smashing Thank You Note After a Job Interview

Your thank you note after job interview should not be a simple letter or email that you send without thinking. After all, this note may very well be the last contact that you have with your interviewer. As such, you should do everything in your power to make sure that it is a strategic piece of communication that effectively displays some of your strong points as a candidate, that makes a final sales pitch, that creates a slight relationship advantage with the interviewer and that makes the interviewer look forward to your next communication. That's along list for a note, but with just a little bit of extra work you can accomplish it.

The secret weapon of a thank you note after job interview is called the informational gift. The informational gift is a tiny bit of information or knowledge that you share with the interviewer, because you believe that he or she will appreciate it. This piece of knowledge might be as simple as a list of restaurants, a link to a website, a contact name or a published article. All that really matters is that the interviewer said or did something in the interview that tipped you off that this subject was of interest to him or her. To determine what this informational gift is, you will need to do two things; pay close attention to the interviewer and make a lot of notes after the interview. During the interview it's likely that he or she will focus in on some topic or subject, brought up by either one of you. When you see and hear that extra bit of interest, make a mental note of it for later.

Your Thank You Note After a Job Interview

When you use this insight into the interviewer's interest to create an informational gift to attach to your thank you note after job interview, you accomplish several tasks at once. For one thing, your note immediately stands out from the crowd of others who do not provide a gift. For a second thing, you demonstrate that you are a candidate who can anticipate and meet other people's needs without being told or asked. You create a small bond of familiarity between yourself and the interviewer and you make the interviewer believe that your communications will provide something of interest to him or her. This is not a bad list for a simple note.

To add the informational gift to the thank you note after job interview, simply refer in your letter to the reason that you sent it at the end of the thank you note. For instance "During our conversation, you saw I had "marathon running" on my resume and expressed interest in running one yourself. I'm attaching an article I read early in my training process which really helped motivate me to get started. I hope you enjoy it as well." Though adding this sort of thing to a thank you note isn't likely to get you a job that you are not qualified for, it can help you in a marginal case. Additionally, if the interviewer has a positive feeling about you, you might be contacted about the next job opening or get some other positive experience out of the interview.

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