Top 10 Job Interview Questions

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

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Top 10 Job Interview Questions

Knowing the Top 10 job interview questions asked in all interviews isn't going to be of much use for a job seeker going after a particular job. That's because the top ten most popular job interview questions tend to be the generic questions that every job asks. These job questions are more or less "filler" questions, ones that the interviewer asks as a kind of warm-up for the both of you before moving to the more substantial job interview specifics. Though it is a good idea to know these questions, you should be aware that the questions worth truly preparing for are the questions which address the specific skills, attributes and requirements of the job in question.

The secret to answering any of the top 10 job interview questions is knowing what the interviewer is looking for. If you don't know for a fact what the daily duties of the job are, what results the target company wants to see the employee produce and the most valued characteristics in the target companies corporate culture, you should find these out. Looking at published material is one way to get this information. Another is to speak to people who know the company and the positions and get their input. When you have done this research, you should have an idea what the company is looking for. When you are given one of the standard, common, typical interview questions simply answer it in an honest way that also matches up with what the interviewer is looking for in the next hire.

Sample Top 10 Job Interview Questions and Answers

For instance, one of the top 10 job interview questions that interviewers asks is "where do you see your career in five to ten years?" Most candidates finesse this question by telling the interviewer that they see themselves in the target organization, at a higher level. Another popular interview question is "what are your strengths and weaknesses?" Smart job candidates answer this question by describing their strengths as the elements which they know the target company really values. They make their weaknesses, the same things as well. For instance a candidate may say that his or her weakness is "getting too involved in work projects" or some other non-weakness weakness. A third popular job interview question is "what would you say your job passion is." Again, a good answer is one which matches up well with the targeted jobs most important requirements, attributes, results or characteristics.

Another one of the top 10 interview question and answers is to describe your "ideal work situation." Again, describe the situation that your research has revealed to exist at the target job. Other common job interviews ask you to relate a specific experience and describe how you handled it. For instance, you might be asked to describe a time that you handled a tough deadline, took leadership, overcame a difficulty, encountered a lot of changes, etc… In the case of all these questions, look back into your job history and experience and find examples of the incidents that the interviewer is looking for. Again, not to be repetitive, the more you can match up your stories with the requirements and desires of the target firm the better your performance on the job interview.

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