The Simple Act of Writing a Thank You After a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

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The Simple Act of Writing a Thank You After a Job Interview

This is standard business etiquette for job seekers. This thank you expresses the appreciation that you should feel to an interviewer who took his or her time to share more information about a job opportunity, and to allow you a chance to share your qualifications with the company. When you write this note, at the very least you should express gratitude, reiterate your interest in the position and invite further conversation with the employer. If you choose to go beyond this simple minimum, however, there are many other tasks that you can accomplish with your thank you note. For one thing, you can make your thank you after job interview letter display some of the characteristics that make you a great hire. For another, you can create a slight relationship between you and the interviewer. For a third, you can make the interviewer look forward to future communications with you.

One technique for making your thank you after job interview letter accomplish all these tasks is the addition of a simple informational gift. The informational gift is simply a piece of information or knowledge that the interviewer appreciates and can use. By including this gift with your thank you note, you accomplish a couple of different tasks. For one thing, you set yourself apart from the many candidates who did not include a gift. For a second, you demonstrate that you are the kind of person who anticipates needs in others and meets them without being told to. For a third, you show the interviewer that communications from you are likely to contain something he or she can use, so should be paid more attention to.

Your Thank You After Job Interview Letter Strategy

The technique of putting an informational gift into your thank you after job interview strategy is very simple. First, you listen and pay attention to the interviewer during your meeting. During the interview, the interviewer is likely to display a higher level of interest in something that comes up. It might be something related to the job, to your resume or part of the introductory warm up chitchat you do. You might even initiate a conversation about something that you see in his or her office to get a greater sense of what the interviewer is most excited by. Later, after you finish the interview, you look for something related to that topic that you could present to the interviewer.

The informational gift that you attach to your thank you after job interview letter could be something so simple as a list of restaurants, a contact name, a web site address or a link to an article. In your letter you remind the interviewer what you two talked about in the interview that made you believe he or she might be interested in this information, then present it. Even if the information does not hit the interviewer's bulls-eye target of extreme interest and usefulness, you should at least get some kind of credit for standing out from the crowd and making the attempt.

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