The Borat Job Interview Example

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

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The Borat Job Interview Example

The Borat job interview portrayed on HBO's "Da Ali G Show" provides several excellent examples of how NOT to conduct a job interview. In the episode where Borat, played by Sasha Baron Cohen, interviews for a position he performs just about every possible faux pas that someone would need to perform to have no chance at getting a job. These errors begin with his interview dress. Though Borat's cheap grey suit has become an effective emblem of everything that is inappropriate, cheesy and pathetic about him, it is not the kind of suit that would get someone a job. For one thing, it doesn't look like anything that anyone else in the office wears. As a job candidate, your goal should be appear like you already work in the company and fit into the corporate culture.

Another Borat job interview error is that Borat either does not know what the requirements of the job are, or he does not know enough to fit his examples and stories to fit those requirements. Even though he is interviewing for a white-collar, office job in the United States, Borat begins by extolling his physical strength. He further compounds this error in judgment when he insists on telling the interviewer stories about his job milking semen from animals on a farm back in Kazakhstan. Even though the interviewer does not encourage him, he gets more and more detailed in his description, and tells a story about a particular time when he had to extract semen from two camels at one time. Though this does fit in well with the desired strategy of giving example, narratives and vivid images in a job interview answer, it fails to apply that strategy of focusing on the kinds of examples that highlight desired skills and results.

More Borat Job Interview No-Nos

In another Borat job interview, Borat commits the fatal error of discussing sexist, prejudicial views of women and proposing to engage in perverted and illegal activity. In his job interview, Borat requests permission to install a camera in the ladies restroom so he can spy on the women who go to the bathroom. When this proposal is shot down, and the interviewer explains to Borat that in America men and women are considered equal, Borat responds with an unbelieving "what?" In another job interview, as he brags about his physical strength he boasts that this strength will allow him to engage in acts of physical violence against women and other ethnic groups, specifically gypsies. Any of this behavior automatically disqualifies an individual for consideration of a job.

Though these Borat job interview errors are performed for comedic value, we find them funny because we can identify with Borat's mistakes. Most job seekers can remember interviews when they felt poorly dressed, lacked the required skills, or wound up saying something that the interviewer did not particularly appreciate. Though our errors were not nearly as egregious as Borat's, his example can provide a good set of illustrations for how NOT to interview for and get dream jobs.

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