Thank You Letters Following Interviews

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Thank you letters should be sent every time you interview for a position. When you send a thank you letter you show employers that you are professional, focused, enthusiastic, detailed, and well-mannered. You want to make an outstanding impression; you want to be the type of applicant an employer does not want to lose.

A proper thank you letter will serve as a marketing tool for you. This letter will thoroughly describe your education, qualifications, skills, and job experience. You need to use this letter to reiterate the qualifications you discussed during the interview. This letter needs to be perfect. Your grammar, spelling, and ability to create effective and convincing copy will be evaluated.

How to Structure Your Thank You Letter

In the beginning of the letter you need to thank the interviewer for the interview and the time they took to speak with you. You should explain why you want the position and express excitement over the position. Express an interest in the company and the experience you will gain from them. If you are looking for a long-term position, tell them that.

Next you need to discuss subjects/topics discussed during the interview. If the interviewer discussed a job-related need, you should be able to explain how you can meet that need. Show the interviewer, and company, that you have the skills to be convincing and/or that you have the ability to sell. You should discuss how your job experience, skills, education, and qualifications can benefit their company and meet the responsibilities of the job position. This letter should be so convincing that the company will read it, think you are more qualified than the other applicants, and decide they do not want to lose you. Try to sound professional and confident; make sure you do not sound like you are bragging about your abilities.

The last paragraph should include another statement of appreciation and a sincere interest in the job opening. Thank them and give them your contact information. You should add a sentence about how you are looking forward to hearing from them.

Thank You Letter Tips
  1. Get your interviewer’s name; if there is more than one interviewer take the time to get all of their names. Each interviewer needs to be sent a customized letter.
  2. Your thank you letter needs to be sent as soon as possible, preferably the same day.
  3. Write the letter, walk away from it, and then come back and review it. Look for mistakes or difficult to read writing and revise it. Have someone else read it for typos and clarity. Get their opinions on the flow and your ability to convince.
  4. If you were given an email address that goes directly to the interviewer you can email the letter. Showing your computer skills and your ability to behave professionally will be an added bonus.

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