Thank You Letter Suggestions

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Thank you letters are a necessary marketing tool that can give you a competitive edge. A follow-up letter, or a thank you note, allows you to state your skills, qualifications, and educational background in black and white. Letters are typically re-read, so your abilities could be reviewed several times and then be remembered. Your letter will also, most likely, be compared to other applicant’s letters. Therefore, your letter needs to be as perfect as possible.

In the beginning of the letter you should thank the interviewer/employer for the interview and their time. You can also comment on how you enjoyed the conversation and that you are excited about the job, the company, the benefits, or any other subject that was discussed. The first paragraph is complimentary. A repeated “Thank You” should be used in the last paragraph with all your contact information. Writing skills (and convincing writing skills) are always needed for any job position. Employers pay close attention to the writer’s writing abilities, skills, grammar, spelling, and the ability to be convincing when writing text. You can prove that you can be convincing by repeating your qualifications for the job opening and selling yourself as the best possible applicant. If the interviewer discussed a specific need, you need to explain how you can meet that need. Your job experience and job training should be mentioned and you should explain why it would benefit the employer. This letter should convince the employer that they do not want to lose you or your skills. Although this letter should be a glowing description of you and your abilities, it should not appear to be narcissistic. You are not bragging, but summarizing relevant qualifications.

We live in a technological era, so if the interviewer gave you his card or email address as a form of contact you can use email to send a thank you letter. If you were given no contact info you can most likely get their email address off of the company website. Showing your computer skills is another way to sell your self. Typed copy is often more professional and as a bonus the interviewer will get your letter immediately. Your thank you letter should be sent as soon as possible. In fact, the letter would be more beneficial, to you, if it was sent the same day.

Thank You Letters Show Employers That You Are:
  1. Well-Mannered
  2. Focused
  3. Enthusiastic
  4. Professional
  5. Detail-Oriented
  6. Capable of Following Through
  7. Understanding and Capable of Good Work Ethics

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