Technical Job Interview Secrets

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Technical Job Interview Secrets

Many candidates going into a technical job interview are taken by surprise that the questions they are asked are not of a technical nature. Whereas the interviewer might have prepared to answer a series of questions about their technical skills in great detail, they get into the interviewer's office and discover that the interviewer is interested in other matters. Sometimes these matters are related to teamwork, leadership, project management or working with clients. Other times these matter are more related to the candidate's personal attributes and passions, ambitions, goals and career aspirations. Though this focus might take some of these candidates by surprise, for the company, this emphasis makes complete sense.

In a technical job interview, ascertaining a candidate's technical skills may not take all that much time. If you see the right qualifications, certification and project experience in a candidate's job documentation, you have a pretty good idea that their raw technical skills are present. What the interviewer really needs to know is if the candidate can bring the technical skills to the job in a way that will fit in with the other employees, management, customers and co-workers. The days are over when technical workers could come into the office and focus exclusively on their technology. Today, the IT department is integrated into all areas of the business from engagement, to marketing. Consequently, the technical workers need to be able to work with a wide variety of partners both inside and outside of their own department.

Some Sample Technical Job Interview Questions

Some technical job interview questions that pursue the candidate's ability to put technical skills in the service of business goals might include "tell me about a time that you worked on a project with other departments" or "tell me about an IT project that you worked on that significantly affected your company's business practices." Other questions might be "what experience do you have making presentations to management, coworkers and investors" or "tell me about a time that you innovated or implemented a solution which your management did not specifically direct you to."

To prepare for these technical job interview questions, a potential candidate needs to spend some time researching the target company and job. At the very minimum he or she should have a clear idea of what the duties of the job will be, the results that the job is expected to achieve, the likely career path for that job and the attributes and characteristics the company values most. When the candidate has these elements clear in his or her head, he can get a better idea of what questions his technical job interview will throw at him. What's more, he has a great template for how to answer these questions. Basically, he or she needs to develop answers which make the candidate look as much like the ideal candidate as possible. Specifically, he or she should look for a way to take his or her existing experience from work and life and turn that into examples and proof for why the candidate matches the ideal portrait of the ideal employee.

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