Secrets To Writing a Terrific Thank You Letter After a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets To Writing a Terrific Thank You Letter After a Job Interview

Even the most conscientious and advantage-seeking job seekers can over look the potential of the thank you letter for a job interview. This letter, typically the last contact that you can make with the interviewer represents a final chance to perform some important tasks that will assist your job search. With this letter you can either simply thank the interviewer, or you can thank you interviewer, highlight your value, create a slight relationship with the interviewer and make that interviewer look forward to future communications from you.

The secret of the effective thank you letter for a job interview is to consider the letter from the point of view of the recipient. Like everyone else in the world, the interviewer is first and foremost concerned with his or her own considerations. Additionally, like everyone else in the world, he or she probably feel extremely busy and wants to make the most productive use out of his or her day. When a thank you note for a job interview comes across that person's desk, that interviewer will probably look at it and think "How nice. A thank you note. What's in this for me?" For the vast majority of thank you notes, the answer is "nothing." These notes begin with a note of thanks for the interview, express a continued interest in the position and invite the interviewer to make another contact to discuss the position further. Since the interviewer has probably already read and received hundreds of identical notes in his or her life, this message makes no impression on him or her.

Your Secret Weapon When Writing a Thank You Letter After a Job Interview

By putting something of value in the thank you letter for job interview that you send out, you break this mold. Because there is something of value in this letter, first of all, the interviewer reads it. Second, he or she realizes that you are the kind of person who thinks of what others need and provide it without being told to. Thirdly, he or she feels more warmly about you than the other candidates who did not provide a similar item of value. Fourth, he or she looks forward to getting another piece of communication from you.

What is this valuable item in the thank you letter for a job interview? It's a simple addition called the informational gift. The informational gift is a piece of knowledge, a list, an article, a link to a website, a contact number, a tip, anything… which the interviewer finds valuable. You pick out what that informational gift will be by paying attention to what the interviewer is interested in during your meeting with him or her. Most people walk through the world on high alert for information about things that we are interested in and care about. Through our conversations, body language and things that we put in our environment, we let careful observers know where our interests lie. As a candidate in job interview, it's your job to notice what the interviewer is interested in and to make a quick note of that when you leave the interview. Later, you can investigate that topic and try to find something that the interviewer would appreciate.

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