Secrets to Sales Job Interview Questions

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

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Secrets to Sales Job Interview Questions

What makes sales job interview questions different from other interview questions is the fact that the whole process of interviewing for a sales job is similar to selling a product. Consequently, the answers that you give the interviewer, and questions that you ask the interviewer all reflect your fitness for the position in ways that they might not for a research or engineering position. As a result, you need to think about the questions that you ask in the job interview as carefully as you would think about the questions that you would ask a sales prospect while trying to make a big sale. The only difference is that instead of selling the product, you are selling yourself in a job interview.

Good sales job interview questions are questions that strategically probe the interviewer's needs for the position. These questions parallel the communications that a good sales agent has with the potential customer. In both cases, the sales agent makes a point of getting a clear idea from the customer what his or her needs are. After all, the sales agent knows that it is much easier to suggest a solution to those needs if he knows what the needs are. Further, the sales agent knows that a sale is easier to make if it satisfies an existing need than it would be otherwise. At the same time, the questions that the sales agent asks are not completely neutral queries for information. The sales agent knows what he wants the solution to the problem to be; what he or she is selling. Consequently, his or her questions are aimed towards that end.

Some Sample Sales Job Interview Questions

Sales job interview questions asked by the candidate should not be asked out of a place of pure ignorance. Before the interview, the candidate should do enough research to know the most important elements of the sales job; the product, the duties, the expected results. Knowing these things not only prevents the candidate from asking obvious questions but also allows him or her to ask questions for which an answer benefits his case. The questions that the sales candidate asks should depend highly on what his or her strongest points are. If he or she has a lot of face to face sales, but knows in advance that the target job works mostly over the telephone he or she should not ask a question like "how important is face to face sales to the job?"

The second area of concern for sales job interview questions is to simply avoid common trouble spots. The first area to avoid is questions that could have easily been answered by research. Doing basic research and listening to the interviewer closely should help you to avoid these questions. The second category to avoid is any issue related to compensation and pay. You would like to avoid this subject as long as you able to. The third category is questions that require the interviewer to disparage his or her existing sales force. A good manager will not want to complain to his or her existing employees to candidates, and will resent being put in that uncomfortable position.

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