Secrets to Government Job Interview Success

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets to Government Job Interview Success

The most important thing to know about the government job interview is that most government hiring processes are extremely bureaucratic, rule-bound, inflexible and mechanical. For the most part, evaluations are standardized and numerical, with very little opportunities for an interviewer to make a purely personal decision or exception to government hiring rules. Though this may seem annoying and infuriating when you are going through that process, in a historical context, it actually represents an improvement over past forms of hiring. Throughout much of the US history, government jobs were distributed through the patronage system. Meaning that elected leaders were able to appoint top government posts to their supporters, who in turn gave government jobs to their friends, relatives and political party members.

In those days, a government job interview was a mere formality. The job would go to the candidate who had contributed to the campaign, who had a family relationship or some other personal tie to the decision maker. This system did not lead to the most efficient execution of governmental functions; the employees were rarely motivated to actually perform the jobs they were working, could be pulled from their job to perform political duties for their patron, and if they ever did attain a level of competence might be kicked out as soon as power changed hands in an election. Additionally, this patronage system locked out many kinds of qualified applicants, especially those belonging to minority groups. In response to these failings, the government job interview process has been made more standardized, more objective and more transparent.

Government Job Interview Secrets

As you begin going on your government job interview process, you might notice that you are asked to take a number of tests, and that the score you receive on these tests determines whether or not you can even continue the application process. You will also notice that even the job interviews are conducted like tests. The interviewers will probably have a set and pre-written series of questions to ask you, and will assign you a score after every section of the interview. The purpose of these procedures are to ensure that every candidate's progress through the hiring process can be tracked, analyzed and justified on objective grounds. Ideally, if a candidate is unsuccessful, and tries to imply that another candidate received an unfair advantage for reasons of race, political connections, familial ties or other illegal causes, the government could produce a record of the candidate's unbiased evaluations.

As a candidate, what this means for you is that you cannot beat the government job interview system, so should learn how to make it work for you. Basically, all you have to do is learn what the government job interview is looking for, and then you will know exactly what to give them. Best of all, since the government questions and interview procedures evolve and change so slowly, there are many resources for government job seekers to study what to expect in the tests and interviews.

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