Secrets to Developing Amazing Job Interview Strengths

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets to Developing Amazing Job Interview Strengths

Of all the attributes that get you hired for a job, your job interview strengths are some of the few that you can directly improve in a short time frame. Your experience, your training, your qualifications, your characteristics are all pretty much set by the time that you go to your interview. However, the way that you effectively and convincingly package all these things together for the interviewer is something that you can get a lot better at in a hurry. Doing so, however, requires that you do quite a bit of work. The process requires that you do a minimum of four steps; research the position, predict the questions, develop the answers, practice the answers. Of these four, the research is the most important. Your ability to perform well in the interview depends largely on the information you put together up front.

Your job interview strengths are going to come from your detailed knowledge of what the company is looking for in the job interview. That knowledge, in turn, is going to come from your research of the target job and company. Some of that research will be of published material, other information will come from people in your network. All of it will be focused on what the job does, what results the job is expected to produce, what environment the employee produces these results in, and what characteristics the target organization prizes most in employees. Putting all this information together gives you a clear picture of the ideal employee. Once you have that picture, you are able to create both a list of predicted questions and a target for what impression your answers should create.

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Your job interview strengths will come from your ability to turn your existing experience, qualifications and attributes into proof that you match the ideal profile of the job. This won't be achievable simply by stating that you possess the necessary experience and attributes though. Rather, you should prove your fitness by a series of stories, narratives, anecdotes and examples of how you have exhibited those characteristics and achieved the desired results in your job and personal history. For this reason, a great deal of the preparation that you will undertake will be creating a stash of stories and anecdotes which convincingly answer the potential questions which you have predicted based on your research.

The last step of developing your job interview strengths is to practice these answers until they seem natural. Get together with a friend or job search partner and work on these questions during a mock interview. If possible, videotape or tape-record this interview session and evaluate your responses later. The ability to take questions and turn them into chances to showcase your fitness for the position is the job interview strength that this process will make unbeatable.

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