Secrets to a Great Teaching Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets to a Great Teaching Job Interview

If you are going for a teaching job interview, the stakes are significantly higher than in many other kinds of job interviews. After all, many of the skills and requirements of teachers are tested by the actions of the interview. For a teacher, the purpose of their job is to take a mass of complex information and present it to students in ways that the students can absorb intellectually and identify with emotionally. These happen to be the same requirements of a successful job interview. For that reason, a poor performance in the job interview speaks to a potentially poor performance in the workplace in a way that an engineer or accountant interview might not.

In order to have your very best teaching job interview, simply follow four steps. The first step is to find out as much about the teaching job as you possibly can. To imagine how this familiarity with the job will help you, simply imagine the way that you would shape and alter your interview answers if you had to be interviewed for your current or more recent job. Simply put, knowing the duties of the job, the results that the target company desires and the personal attributes that they are looking for in an employee should become your first step of preparing for your interview. When you have finished doing your investigation, make a list of the top requirements and preferences of the position, based on your research.

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To make sure your teaching job interview goes well, take that list of attributes you have created and turn those into possible questions that you will be asked. This is the second step. The third step is to create answers to those questions that make you look like the list of desired attributes and characteristics. The most effective way to do this is to think of the list of desired characteristics as the case you are trying to build, and your experience and job history as the evidence that you will bring to build your case. Examples, anecdotes, stories, statistics, awards, accolades, certificates… etc… that have an ability to make your case for you should be included in the answers you develop for the potential job interview questions.

The last and final step to ensure a great teaching job interview is to practice. Getting a job search partner or friend to conduct mock interviews is a great addition to the practice. So is videotaping or audio taping the mock interviews and reviewing them later to work on your weaknesses. By continually practicing the work of taking a job interview question, recognizing which attribute it is trying to uncover, and answering that question in a convincing way will make that a natural process for you. With enough practice, you will gain the experience and confidence to know that you could do that for any question, even one which you have not specifically prepared for. When you reach that level, you will be sure to have a great teaching interview wherever you go.

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