Secrets on What to Wear For a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

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Secrets on What to Wear For a Job Interview

The job interview what to wear issue is one that vexes many job seekers, especially those looking for their first professional position. Some of this concern is valid, too. For a candidate, dressing inappropriately can create an impression that he or she does not adequately understand the corporate culture, or represent the kind of public face the company would like to present to the world. But there are limits to how much a candidate should be worried about what to wear to the interview. Once the job interview outfit reaches the stage of "appropriate" it doesn't matter how much further it goes. Two appropriately dressed candidates are not going to be compared on the basis of whether one of them has a nicer outfit than the other.

For this reason, the job interview what to wear concerns should focus on what is the appropriate, expected, respected interview attire. The answer to this question is quite simple. There is a code of dress known as business professional which most companies expect their job candidates to adhere to. The most distinctive characteristic of this dress code is how exact it is. Though details vary over time, like tie width or skirt length, the basics hold fairly steadily. For men, job interviewers expect to see a suit and tie or sports coat and tie. For women, interviewers want to see a skirt and jacket or pantsuit.

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Since the job interview what to wear question is about what is appropriate, it's worth spending some time thinking about what NOT to wear to the job interview. In a word, anything that is excessively noticeable should be avoided. This means anything from flashy jewelry to bright colors to heavy makeup to extremely stylish haircuts or strong perfume. The goal of the interview outfit is to let your appearance take a back seat to your behavior and background, and to show that you understand and respect the environment that you are interviewing in. Though it sounds superficial and conformist, the goal of the interview outfit is not so much to impress anyone, as it is not to offend anyone. Later in your career, after you have proven your worth to the company you can begin revealing your personal side in your dress, but not on your first contact.

The exception to the job interview what to wear norm is an industry with different standards of behavior and dress. For instance, a creative employee working in the fashion industry or advertising field is not likely to be expected to wear the same suit to the interview that an investment banking candidate might. He or she would be expected to wear something that shows a bit more flair, style and creativity. The basic premise remains exactly the same, though. You are being judged by how appropriate you are to the company and the environment. For this reason, it's a good idea to research or ask someone what you should wear. Generally, the Human Resources person who coordinates the interview can tell you what people expect to see in the office.

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