Secrets of What to Bring to a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets of What to Bring to a Job Interview

Before heading off to talk to a prospective employer, every job candidate should know what to bring to a job interview. As a matter of fact, the candidate should know what they should bring a couple of days in advance of the interview, so that they can prepare it without the risk of running late to the meeting. The first item that the candidate should bring to the interview is a current and attractive resume for each interviewer. Though most interviewers will have received an email copy beforehand and printed it, or a copy of the resume in a package from Human Resources bring one anyway. Just in case the interviewer hasn't received a copy yet, you will have one there ready to hand over.

The second document of what to bring to a job interview is a short list of references, to include with the resume. The company will not call these references until later in the hiring process, and would contact you for these references at that point, but including them up front sends a couple of attractive messages. First, it shows that you are organized and believe in providing what is needed before you are asked. Secondly, it shows a great deal of confidence in your past performance since you believe that talking to your former supervisors would help your prospects of getting hired. This is a document which you might want to review a couple of days beforehand to make sure that the contact details for each of your references are still valid.

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Knowing what to bring to a job interview for your own use is important as well. One item that might be very helpful to you is a notepad to jot down any pieces of information that might be useful for you to remember later. A nice leather, professional notepad for instance which holds a yellow legal pad not only looks professional but also demonstrates that you are always ready to capture information at any moment. One good reason to carry this notepad is to make notes for you after each job interview. If you write down ideas for follow up, or what topics or subjects you believe are the most important to the interviewer, you can use this information later when you re-approach this interviewer.

The last item on your list of what to bring to a job interview is "Your A Game." Whatever doubts or fears or uncertainties you might have about your background, this job, your career path and your life have no business coming into the job interview with you. It's not enough not to talk about them. You've got to leave them in the car in the parking lot when you walk into the interview office. Instead you want to take only the preparation you have done, the confidence that you have what it takes to get the job, and the determination to do everything in your power to get the offer.

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