Secrets of the Perfect Job Interview Suit

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets of the Perfect Job Interview Suit

Every man should have a job interview suit; a suit that he only wears on special occasions when he must look his very best and most professional. Even if he has a professional job that requires him to wear a suit every day, he should have another one, a nicer one, somewhere in his closet that he saves for when he really needs it. Suits show signs of age and wear even after moderate use. By saving the interview suit, that ensures that it looks as crisp and clean and perfect as possible when the time comes to wear it.

So what should a job interview suit look like? The best answer to that question is to be found in the job interview suits that other people wear to the jobs that you want to apply to. The whole purpose of the job interview suit is to showcase what a great addition to the company and organization you would make. Part of being a great addition is to demonstrate that you know what the organization values and are able and wiling to fit into that. That includes being aware of what the prevailing dress norms are in the work environment. For most professional jobs, picking the interview suit is a fairly easy matter. The business professional dress code recommends a dark suit, either charcoal or a deep navy blue, with similarly professional accessories. A dress shirt, preferably solid and light in color, paired with a tie. Dress socks. Dress shoes with a matching belt. Any men's general interest magazine like GQ or Esquire can give you examples of what job interview suits look like, and any department can help you pick one out for yourself.

More Job Interview Suit Considerations

Just as important as what a job interview suit should look like is what it should NOT look like. As superficial and depressing as it might sound, a big piece of the job interview suit selection strategy is not offending anyone. During such a quick, cursory interface, a job interview candidate's first priority should be to not stand out in any major way. This means no bright colors, no flashy jewelry, no overly stylish hair, and no cologne. Once the candidate gets the job and proves his worth on the job, then he can start expressing his individuality in his dress. But on the first contact, the priority should be demonstrating your personality through the interview answers and by fitting into the environment.

If you have a job interview in the next couple of days, do not wait until the last minute to get your job interview suit ready. You don't want to put it on the day of the interview and discover that you've gotten a stain or wrinkle that you have to fix that morning. Preparing it a couple of days in advance gives you the time to prepare it, and maybe even buy a new dress shirt and tie for a really important interview. Going into the interview in a fresh, pressed, perfect suit will give you a great deal of confidence.

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