Secrets Of The 2nd Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets Of The 2nd Job Interview

The 2nd job interview is when things get a bit more intense. By the time you walk into that second interview, the target company has evaluated your resume, put you through a preliminary interview, discussed your suitability and qualifications internally and called you in for another talk. At this point, it is safe to say that you have been found to qualify for the position. You would not be brought in for another interview round if you were not at least considered eligible for hire. At this stage, what the company is doing is evaluating you in comparison to the other eligible candidates to see who will best fit the needs of the organization.

If you are called in for a 2nd interview, then you have clearly been doing something right up until now. For that reason, you don't need to do something drastic like overhaul your entire interview strategy. What you should consider, however, is doing some precise strategic adjustments to prepare for the next round. Just like in the first interview round, your first step should be to gather information. Who is the 2nd interview going to be with? What can you find out about that individual that will help you guess what he or she would be most looking for in a new hire? This is an excellent time to reach out to the people in your social network who might have some inside knowledge about the target company and get more information from them.

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Before your 2nd job interview, you might also want to spend some time considering what has happened up until now. During your interviews so far, what attributes or experiences have the interviewers been focused on? What topics or subjects did you feel were of special importance to the interviewers? Where there any responses that you felt were particularly well received or which the interviewers seemed disappointed in? Though interviewing is an area that typically offers very little immediate feedback, you should be able to at least guess at the areas that have been considered your strengths and weaknesses so far. You might want to consider working on answers and practicing to improve your weak areas before your next interview.

Once you have your 2nd interview preparation complete, spend a little time thinking about the logistics. If the next interview is in the same location as the first, you have the advantage of knowing how to get there in plenty of time. If not, this is something you want to take care of well in advance of the meeting. Additionally, spend a little time thinking about your wardrobe. You don't want to wear the same outfit to your second interview as your first. Even if you looked great the first time, just in case you see some of the same people, you want to wear a different suit, shirt and tie. After all, you want for the interviewers to believe that you are successful, professional and already in possession of a full and complete selection of business clothing.

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