Secrets of How to Conduct a Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets of How to Conduct a Job Interview

It is a pretty big moment in a career when someone goes from being interviewed to having the responsibility to conduct a job interview. Employees, in a very real sense, ARE the company. It's not like the company is a person with a body who comes to work every day. The company is a name and a legal entity that becomes able to function in the world only through the efforts of the employees. As someone who conducts job interviews, you are part of the team that determines who will be in the company.

For many people, learning how to conduct a job interview provides a glimpse at how complex and difficult it is to evaluate candidates. For most of their career these people have sat on the other side of the interview desk, putting all their focus on answering the job interview questions as effectively as possible. Not until they get put on the interviewer side do they realize that it is just as much work to ask the questions as it is to answer them. For most companies, the interviewers are not expected to handle the conducting of interviews on their own. The company has procedures and questions and strategies already developed to make the process efficient, transparent and in concordance with all relevant labor laws. In these jobs, the interviewer may even be give in a series of questions to ask, focusing on a specific area of interest to the company.

More Conduct a Job Interview Strategy

To conduct a job interview at these companies means to ask the required questions and be ready to discuss the candidate with the rest of the team. For companies with a little less structure, it's possible to have to conduct a job interview all on your own. In that case, your strategy should be similar to that of someone interviewing. Do the research and thinking necessary to determine the requirements and preferences of the job, then ask questions which are designed to find out those things. One tactic that has become extremely popular with companies during recent years is the behavioral job interview technique. The premise of this technique is that all future behavior can be predicted by past behavior. Consequently, if you are interested in how an employee would behave at your company, ask how they have behaved at their old jobs.

To conduct a job interview using this technique the questions you ask refer to specific instances of behavior that you are interested in. For instance, a good question might be "tell me about a time that you took leadership in difficult circumstances?" or "tell me about a time that you had to finish a project under a tight deadline." As the candidate answers, steer them to talk about a specific time, not a theoretical answer or a summary of several incidents. Evaluate that behavior in comparison to the required or valued behavior of employees at the target job.

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