Secrets for Fielding Questions in a Teacher Job Interview

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By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets for Fielding Questions in a Teacher Job Interview

The ability to effectively answer teacher job interview questions is actually more important than in other occupations. After all, the job description of the teacher is very similar to the job description of the interview candidate. In both cases, the candidate needs to take complex information, formulate a way to organize that information in an understandable way, and relay that information in an interesting way. For that reason, if a candidate is unable to perform efficiently in the job interview, it is understandable for the hiring manager to believe that the candidate would be unable to perform on the job.

To perform on the teacher job interview questions that you will receive in an educational job interview is a four-step process: Research, Predict Questions, Develop Answers and Practice. Researching means discovering everything that you can about the teaching job. At the very least, you need to know about the daily duties and responsibilities of the teaching job, the requirements of the position, the results that the organization desires from the teaching job, and the characteristics that the organization values most. To do complete research, you should make sure that you get some inside information from the people who have familiarity with the job and organization. When you have compiled this information, make a list of all the top elements that the target organization is looking for.

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The second part of the strategy for answering teacher job interview questions is to predict the questions that you will receive. This is the first place where your research comes in handy. The questions that you will most likely be asked come directly from those elements that the target organization is looking for. The third step of the strategy, developing your answer, is the second area where this research pays off. That is because you are going to want to make the answers that you give portray you as someone who possesses all the elements you have listed. This does not mean that you should lie, however. It only means that you should take your existing experience and history and turn it into persuasive proof of your suitability for the job. One effective way to do this is to create small narratives that contain situations, actions and results that dramatize whatever element of your suitability that you are attempting to highlight. To make these narratives especially effective, find a way to make the stories you tell as similar to the target job as you are able.

The last step of more effectively answering teacher job interview questions is to practice. Getting together with a friend or a job search partner and practicing your interview questions in front of a video camera gives you the chance to review your answers. As you watch your mock interview session, pay special attention to the way you transition from questions to answers. Where do you sound convincing and where do you seem awkward or forced? Going back through the four-step process allows you to address your weak points.

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